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lower back and hip pain

about 6 months ago I was getting pain in my right inguinal causing chronic pain to walk. I was then diagnosed with overian cysyts which were removed 7 weeks ago but am still getting this pain. it is also in my lower back and across my hips my right buttock, top of my right thigh and sore on the outside of both hips. pain gets so bad that my right leg gives way at times. I had an injection into my right thigh for the pain a week ago but made the pain worse in my right buttock causing pain to sit down, its bad enough that I cant stand for long periods of time. All through this I have also experienced bad diahrea and tiredness.
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have your dr give you en emg test.. it tests the nerves in your back and the back of both legs..they thought it was sciatic nerve pinched. turned out to be a pinched nerve in the hip joint itself and treatment is getting a shot directly in the nerve area..usually they put you inder anesthia so you don't move..i got good relief only thing is dr tells u how often u need to get the shot as u tell him of your progress..good luck    
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A wrong posture on a job that involves sitting for a long time too can precipitate this.
History of taking injections in the buttocks in the recent past should be looked into. A number of times old injection sites start troubling if undue pressure is put on them as in prolonged sitting. This will respond to hot water bags below the buttocks at night or kept for sometime while sitting too.
Another possibility is ischiogluteal bursitis. This is inflammation of the bursa that lies between the ischial tuberosity of the pelvic bone and the tendon of hamstring muscle. The bursa may show inflammation without any cause or in association with hamstring tendinitis or inflammation of tendon of hamstring. The pain increases on stretching.
Myofascial pain or trigger points in the Gluteus medius muscle and Piriformis muscles of the buttock can cause pain in the buttock area which may radiate to thighs. Stretching the muscle increases the pain.
There is a chance that you have compression of the spinal nerves in the lumbo-sacral spine region. This can happen due to overuse of the lower back as in work requiring too much of bending, lifting weight, fall on the back, overweight, canal stenosis, bone disease, spondylosis, poor posture etc. Poor posture while sleeping, sitting on computers or jobs for a long time, uneven bed, exposure of back to cold air while sleeping can cause a discomfort for a few days. Please consult a neurologist. A MRI of the spine is definitely required.
If it is not spinal nerve compression then the other causes mentioned above will have to be looked into.
It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.  Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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It may be an femoral hernia.Meet a doc who is a surgeon and let every physical examination done.It may have occurred as a post operative complication when your ovarian cysts removed.
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