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lower back pain radiates into legs

my lower back is always hurting.sometimes it just a dull ache and sometimes its shooting pains.but their is pain there everyday. i also always have pain in my legs. the pain in my legs is like a deep ache in the bones. i hve had mris done and they say my back looks great.so if the problem isnt in my back where else could it be radiating from. i have lived with this pain for 8 years. ive been to tons of different doctors and they all tell me the same thing, my back looks great, or they tell me to exercise my back more and for 8 years ive been telling them i do back exercises all the time. ive been to physicall therapy and i learned all the back exercises from them. it doesnt help though.im just so tired off being in pain all the time. any suggestions or ideas of what this could be?
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Are you male or female?  Does the pain change week to week or is it always the same level of pain?  And do you feel any pain in your abdomen?
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im female. the pain is always there.from day to day it verys in strength.some days its at an 8 and i can barely move.sometimes its like a 4-5.i dont get pain in my stomach but i have a lot of pain in my female organs which i was diagnosed with endometriosis. im on seasonal birth control and that helps the endo. i also get ovarian cysts. would that have anything to do with the back and leg pain?
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I think you need to get copies of all your reports including
bloodwk. Someones not being straight w/ you. Back pain usually
has an elevated SED rate in bloodtests. Lumbar mri should show
something by now of a bulge/spur/disk problem. If you take meds
pre-testing it can take inflammation dwn to appear normal.
Generally back to leg pain is a nerve problem from spine or
obesity. If obese, glucose is elevated. No matter what, posture
should have been ck'd in case stomache muscles are weak & not
supporting back. Tell them you're starting a Hm-Health-File.
It's free & also the law. Gd-luck.
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thank you i will get a hold of my doctor asap.thanks again for the comment.
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