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lump behind ear

I have a semi-hard lump directly behind my ear resting on the bone right behind my ear.  It feels almost like cartilage.  It used to be about the size of a pimple, but it just keeps getting larger.  I recently checked it and it is about an inch in length now.  The lump occasionally itches and seems to just keep growing.  It doesn't hurt at all and is slightly movable.  Any thoughts on what this might be???  Anyone worried??
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It sounds like a lymph node swelling up.  I have one in that location that swells up whenever I get any kind of illness - cold, flu, sinus infection - even bad allergies.  Even if you are not sick enough to have symptoms, your nodes can still swell up as your body fights off the infection and they can stay swollen for quite awhile.  I've had some stay swollen for up to 2 months.  Some people's lymph nodes also swell when they are stressed out.

Try not to touch it too much as that will irritate it, but keep an eye on it and if it does not go away pretty soon, swells rapidly, turns red and hot to the touch, begins to hurt even when you aren't touching it, or anything else alarming, go see a doctor because if it is swelling because of an infection then you obviously are having trouble getting well and need some antibiotics, or the lymph node itself could be infected.  It it is not a lymph node then of course you'll want to find out what it is.

Keep us posted,
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Thanks for the reply.  Do you have any slight thoughts of a cancerous condition??  I really hate going to the doctor, so unless someone says the "C" word I probably wont go have it checked out.
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Based on your description of it and how long you have had it, it doesn't seem likely that it is cancer.  If it doesn't go away within a few weeks you should go to a doctor because cancer is always a possibility in situations where you have unexplained lumps.  

Even if it is just a lymph node, having a chronic infection can lead to serious medical problems like organ damage, sepsis, and even death.  If you start to notice symptoms of any kind of infection and they don't go away on their own, and the swelling is still there, I'd advise you to see a doctor.  Even 'minor' things like urinary tract infections can cause death if left untreated.

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A lump that is itching and growing larger should be a cause of concern. It may not be cancer. However it can be a swollen lymphnode, a localized area of fungal infection, psoriasis, dermatitis or a cyst. It is difficult to diagnose this on net. It may not exactly be a lump but a raised area as seen in psoriasis and dermatitis or even in fungal infection. Please consult your PCP once. Take care!
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