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lump behind ear

I have had a lump behind my right ear for approximately 18 months now and it has been progressively getting bigger. It started with pain in the area behind the ear, along the jawline and suddenly I discovered a tiny lump of about 1mm diameter. Over the last 18 months, this lump has grown to almost 18mm diameter.(less than 1inch) i have had several ultrasounds done which all came back as a possibility of a slow growing sebaseous cyst. Now my concern is how accurate is the ultrasound in determining the difference between a cyst and a lymph node and I have been having constant irritation and dryness in my throat and more on the right side. on some occassions, i found streaks of blood in my nose buggers, but i do not experience that anymore. also, i wanted to also mention that i experienced hoarseness at the first onset of the lump for about 1week. and it went away by itself without an treatment. I am really worried about this now as I am hpv 16 positive making me at high risk for contacting oropharyngeal cancer. Please what are the next steps that one can take in order to rule out cancer? Is it possible to take out a cyst in that part of the body considering the fact that major arteries and nerves are present in that area? Any response will be greatly appreciated.
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Lump behind the ear could be an abscess, folliculitis (hair follicle infection), lipoma (localized collection of fat), a cyst, an inflamed lymph node or a neurofibroma (localized harmless swelling in of nerve and connective tissue). Swollen lymphnodes behind your ears could be due to chest infection, tonsillitis or pharyngitis, dandruff, infection of ear or even metastasis from a cancer. It could also be of tubercular pathology. A fine needle biopsy or a CT scan of the swelling is only confirmatory. Hence apart from ultrasound this should be done. If the lump is growing, it should be excised and biopsied. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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i had had almost the same thing .. my ent doc. put me on antibiotics it made the lump go down a little bit . all my doc. did was feel it and told me by feeling it see was sure ( either by it not moving or moving ) that is was not cancer but everyone is different. it has been two years i still get pain in my ear and sore throat. but i take some ibuprofen and it helps. Also i would put a heating pad behind my ear. but i was told some people just have them for life but u should really only do what your doc. says thats what helps me      
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