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lump near my sternum

I have a lump near my sternum its only sore when touched or pushed on but when i bend over or move side to side im feeling this piercing feeling it is hard on my sternum but below its soft and thats where it hurts...it makes me have problems breathing...I have Lupas and Connective tissue disease so could this be related? Dr did a heart cath everything is ok there chest xray wasnt good i cant take enough deep breaths in to make a good xray my pulmonoligist says...my lungs are not getting enough expansion to exhale or breath due to my illnesses..i also have asthma...im 51 yrs old ...i just noticed this lump 3 mths ago but they all thought it was my heart so they have been monitoring it...now my surgeon is being questioned why he wants to do a cat scan with dye on me when all these other tests are coming back normal...im not a hypocondriac but someone has to tell me something...Its getting worse...surgeon said not a hernia for sure ultra sound said no cysts so now where do we go?>>>> im tired of tests after tests...someone please explain this to me
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I have been having some of the same symptoms.  All tests came back normal too.  VERY frustrating.  Went to see a  Psysiatrist (Pain Doctor) who diagnosis was a strain in my Xyphoid Process.  Just had a cortisone injection on Monday, but not sure it is going to help.  If it doesn't relieve the symptoms I received information from a friend (nurse) who spoke with someone with the same symptoms that has done botox injections and said it helped.  
Like you, frustrated!  It completely interferes with my daily life, exercise, etc.  I can't bend, can't stand for long and I've gained a great deal of weight.  
On the brighter side, I just started the Slenderiix diet and I am loosing weight.  Hoping that will also help.  I'm sure the added weight over the past two years has not helped my health.  
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