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lump under right clavicle and breathing issues

I found a hard/fixed lump/mass below my right clavicle near the center of the chest about 2 months ago and the bony tip found on the end of clavicle is larger than the one on the left side.  In fact, my whole right clavicle is more visible, like it protrudes, more than the left one.  I have gone to the Dr., had X-ray that was negative for fracture (past or present) and was advised to schedule a Cat Scan or MRI if is continues to bother me.  It actually doesn't hurt, but I have noticed that when taking deep breaths I usually have to cough and it constantly feels like there is slight pressure at the base of my neck, like I'm wearing a turtle neck.  

I have family hystory of Lymphoma and Non-hodgkins Lymphoma so I'm worried about that.  My concern is that I may be pursueing further medical testing that ends up not being necessary, which will cause a further strain on my marriage because my husband feels that Doctors are only out to make more money for themselves by ordering unnessary testing.

I know that I am rambling, but I am really at a loss for what my next step should be.

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Since you have a family history of lymphoma you should get this checked. Hodgkin’s lymphoma often presents as a mass below the clavicle. It can also be a breast cancer mass. It could well be lipoma but since other masses have a serious prognosis, should be immediately investigated.
Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Take care!
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I forgot to mention extreme fatigue, frequent headaches and dizziness.
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I would definately get the ct scan done just to check for possible tumor ect.   I they ordering a ct of the chest this would be adviseable to rule out any other problems since you are having trouble when you breath with the coughing.  I do not feel this is an unecessary test please get this check out.  Feel better babe.
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May I suggest you get the MRI instead of CT scan if they will order it that way.  CT scans deliver quite a bit of radiation.  For some things, a CT scan is necessary, but if you have a choice, I'd choose the MRI.  
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Thank you for the replies.  I followed up with the Dr. and got a referral and after talking with insurance was told that the CT scan would be 100
% covered by insurance so that made me feel better about doing it even if it (hopefully) shows nothing serious.  Now I wait for the Outpatient Imaging center to call to make the appointment.
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The results of the CT are back.  Apparently the lump under the clavicle is arhtritis.  It didn't show anything unusual with the lymph nodes, although I can still feel them swollen in my arm, inner thigh and lower abdomen.  It showed a granuloma in the left lung.  I haven't had much luck researching this to figure out what exactly it is and what should be done about it.  

I am considering calling the Dr. again because I still have severe fatigue, breathing issues, it feels like I am breathing through smoke all of the time, and I have a rash that hasn't gone away in a couple of months on my right lower eyelid.  I don't know if any of these things are related, but I met my deductible a long time ago and would really like to get everything resolved before the end of the year.

Would a blood test be advisable in this situation?
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Hi Jenni, I think you may have Sarcoidosis. I am not a medical professional but i have Sarcoidosis. It causes an arthritis like pain and terrible fatigue. It comes and goes but a bout last months to a year. If you google it you will find more info. there are so many symptoms, most common granulomas in chest causing breathing difficulty. These granulomas are also present in the skin, most often on the face. Your symptoms sound totally typical but you will have to mention it to your doctor as some seem unaware of it! Hope this help ps Sarcoidosis isn't life threatening
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