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lumps behind ear and neck


I noticed a lump behind my ear a few years ago and went to see a doctor about it who said it was a cyst and not to worry. On Sunday I noticed it had got really big (visible, about pea sized) and then found another one at the top of my neck too. The one behind my ear is hard and painless and the one on my neck feels bigger and softer and is a bit tender.
I also lost my hearing in my ear on the same side (like when you get off a plane) but I have put that down to the fact I have just got back from Glastonbury festival so loud music as well as sleeping with ear plugs in and hoping it isn't related, it feels a bit better now.
I went to a walk in clinic yesterday and they said my ear canal was clear and no temperature. She said it was probably a boil in ear canal pressing on glands and making them stick out and gave me antibiotics? But I am now getting sharp pains (last a few seconds at a time and have been on and off all day) at the back of my head on the left side (same side as the lumps) and am worried it could be something else since my doctor before told me the lump was a cyst not a gland? I have had these sharp pains in my head before as well as funny hearing in that side.
My inner ear is a bit sore too but better than yesterday.

I don't have any cold symptoms or anything like that which is why I am worried it might not be an infection (I was hoping it was an ear infection!).

I am probably being a bit of a hypochondriac hence why I thought I would ask here before rushing to my own doctor for a second diagnosis. Just want some advice!  

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As you were in Glastonbury and in the open, is there any likely chance that you may have got a bug bit on the top of your neck?  

With it being soft and tender it even may be a boil forming.

With regard to your ear, it could possibly be because of the very loud noise.  They can damage your hearing if the decibels are very high (which no doubt they were).

The pain may and the feeling of fullness in the ear could be from damage in the inner ear due to the noise, or may possibly be congestion in the Eustachian tube or the sinuses.

You do not need to have a cold to suffer from mucus or catarrhal congestion.

If you are concerned and have not much faith in the walk in centre, then it would be better to see your own doctor for a second opinion.

Best wishes.
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Thanks for your reply.

The tender lump seems to have gone down quite a bit today and I can't see or feel any bug bites. The hard lump is still the same and my jaw aches when I yawn on the same side as it. Still have the shooting head pains too.

I had a wisdom tooth out on the same side a month ago so I was wondering if perhaps that had a slight infection and was causing it.

I do feel quite run down so perhaps it is just an infection of some sort. Just concerned that the small hard lump doesn't seem like a gland to me.

I think you are right, I will maybe wait a couple of days to give the antibiotics time to work then see my own doctor if I am still concerned.


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That's a good idea about giving the antibiotics time to work.

I having the wisdom tooth pulled out has changed the alignment of your jaw, that could give you shooting pains in the head.  

After you finish the antibiotics and are still having the problem, it may be wise to see your own doctor and also see the dentist to check your jaw alignment and to see if there any other problems with your teeth.

Best wishes.
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