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lymph nodes

when i was 6 i had very bad chicken pox and throat infection and ? mumps at one time i have a node on my jaw line which since then has never gone down (1cm) approx. when i was 15 i got mono i was hospitilised for two weeks on iv fluids and drugs. i then got quinsy and terrible herpes on my mouth and inside my mouth. i had huge neck glands during this time at lest the size of a tangerine, on both side mainly left. i have since become quite paranoid about my health and on checking myself i found another 1cm size node on my left side of neck and one .75cm node on the right this was around four years ago however could be longer. i am now 26 i have checked all other sites axilla and grion area and there are no other signs of lymphadenopathy. i work in a hospital and a medic a vascular and a plastic surgeon have all checked my neck and feel it is nothing to worry about as it is not getting bigger nor is it sore. i am however getting increasingly concerned as to the cause. i have no other symptoms no weight loss, fatigue temp night sweats etc. i have been with the same sexual partner for six years and before that i have had unprotected sex. i have had tests for hep, chlamid, ad syph all neg. my past medical history is endometriosis, mono, mumps chicken pox. i have had one abnormal pap smear 3 years ago which required loop excision i have had yearly smears since all have been clear. my family history is high prevelance of cervical ca, RA and SLE (MOTHER AND FATHER) i would really appreciate sme advice as to wether iam just one of those peoples whose lymph nodes dont go back to original size and are easy to palpate.

ps i have 4 monthly cbc and it always fine as are lfts and u and e's
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thanks for the advice they are soft and mobile. they are def under 2cm and i have small pea sized in other areas i feel i could just have palpable nodes. you have made me feel a hundred times better after looking on the internet you think all kinds lymphoma hiv even bubonic plague. thanks alot for the advice my recen liver kidney and cbc came back absolutley fine. thanks again
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Lymph nodes are small (1-2cm) and bean-shaped nodes. they are very important to your body keeping you healthy. Lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes) is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Other causes include allergic reactions, arthritis, cancer, metabolic diseases, and an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism).

What is the constituency of the swollen lymph nodes? Soft nodes are most likely infection or inflammation, firm but rubbery nodes could be lymphoma and rock hard nodes are more likely from some other type of metastatic cancer not lymphoma.If it is not growing in size or not associated with any other symptom,then there is nothing to worry about.

Hope it helps.Take care and regards.
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