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many persistant unexplained symptoms . Blood work and tests are OK. What is it?

Hi. I'm a scared 20 years old and five weeks ago today this health scare nightmare started. Please help me figure this out?

I couldn't focus my eyes, had fatigue and felt faint. Went to hospital where they did blood work and took a urine sample and they concluded that I had fatigue. Two days later I woke up with nausea and shortness of breath. The shortness of breath has not gone away at all since coming on. Also have a bubbling stomach that comes and go (which my primary care physican thinks is acid reflux). Went to the hospital again when I felt a chest pain the day after developing the shortness of breath. Took two covid tests and both came back negative. Saw an eye doctor who said I had dry eye. Weeks progress and none of my symptoms have gone away. Went to the hospital for a third time and they said everything looked fine but that they would give me a 24hour holter monitor. My primary care physicians ran multiple blood work tests, a spirometer lung function test (diagnosing me with minor asthma), and my cardiologist ordered me an unrevealing echo-Doppler test. I have a consistently fast heart rate (and palpitations) and have trouble concentrating and I wake up super weak and feel faint all the time. I have not had a fever. I have not vomited or passed out (although at times felt like I might do both). No blood. I am dehydrated frequently now... Ive had a  tremor and rarely wheezing and coughing. I have had chills.

I have anxiety and am developing depression as a result of this. I feel sick all the times and am scared I am going to die on a constant basis. I am obsessing about my health nonstop now. Before this stuff started, I had minor, manageable anxiety with no history of health issues. This all started so suddenly. My primary care phsycian thinks this is anxiety and depression that is causing constant faintness, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc. However, I don't see anxiety causing shortness of breathand feeling faint  nonstop. When I go for walks now, I feel like i'm on cloud 9. I havent' seen my friends since this started - only doctors and my parents... I wanna know what is and isn't. Could this be COPD or Parkinsons or Heart Disease or Somatic Symptom Disorder or Cancer or Health Anxiety or just extreme anxiety or Gerd or what could this possibly be?

For blood tests, I have had in normal range (although occasionally lowerend of normal) celiac panel, calcium, mono, calcium, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, cortisol, c reactive protein, nt prob np, lipase, amylase, tsh, a comphrehensive metabolic panel (which showed me over the range in Albumin/globulin and rather under the range in both AST and ALT), also had three CBCs (all of which had my white blood count at about 5 - which is within range but kinda low within range), two chest x rays, a troponin high sensitivity test of 3, three ECGS (all of which found some kind of potential abnormality with my heart - although my cardiologist examined it all and said it was fine. I'm just growing). Also had two EGFs.

Can asthma/anxiety cause shortness of breath all the time?

None of my symptoms are going away - some are always there (lightheaded, weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath)  and some come and go often (nausea, chest pain, stomach) Any idea what could be going on? Could this be rare or what kinda things should I look into? I wanna get back to school and get back to my life and good health.
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Get another covid test.  Are you getting one of the reliable tests?  I mean, we're in a pandemic and you've got the symptoms of it so it is the most logical thing.  Otherwise, no ideas.
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Yeah I've gotten three tests for it. Two within the first week of having symptoms (both negative) and one a couple weeks later. It's just really confusing. Especially cause I never had a fever or a sore throat.
Covid symptom are all over the place, so that isn't relevant.  The shortness of breath is the big giveaway.  But if you've gotten three state of the art tests, I don't know.  You could try getting an antibody test, which would show you did have it and are now having long-term complications from it.  Again, otherwise, you're going to need to keep pursuing it with doctors until you get your answer.  Peace.
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