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mid back pain--worried about cancer

Have upper back pain at bra band level.This pain is pretty much constant but some days not as bad as others. At times feels as if it's in the bone but also away from spine sore & more muscular.  About 2" above is another spot that seems more isolated right next to the spine and is sore to touch.Thoracic back xray then was "normal" At the time was also having some side pain-never had anxiety but started to fear it may be pancreatic cancer. Ended up having ultrasound that showed pancreas, liver, gallbladder normal but picked up something on kidney, then had ct scan of abdomen that for most part normal, Rt kidney "slight calcification", kidney dr said he didn't feel it was anything to worry about at this time, also showed 2 cysts on Left ovary that have since cleared and so has the side pain, assumed to be from cysts.  BUT the back pain remains---also when I first noticed the back pain was recovering from bad cold, about 2 weeks after developed  cough which of course sent my anxiety level up again,lung xray "normal", the dry cough hung on and then turned more productive, yesterday saw dr-full of sinus congestion and started on z-pack, already cough seems to be letting up but not the anxiety,-- will have thoracic/lumb MRI next week, even with these normal tests and bloodwork I am scared-hard to believe I'm not normally full of anxiety.
Can  injury cause such pain for so long?Did do alot of yard work & heavy lifting but keep reading thoracic pain means BAD things.Have lost some weight but also full of anxiety which may be cause. Any info appreciated.
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I can tell you that 50% of people who have pancreatic cancer are jaundice and/or experience other symptoms such as weight loss, fatigue, abdomen discomfort and loss of appetite.

Your physician already did an ultrasound and checked your pancreas.. correct? That is one of the tests that would rule out pancreatic cancer.

I would relax and take a deep breath. Anxiety can definitely make anything worse, especially pain. I hope all of those lab tests your physician does rules out everything and gives you peace of mind.

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Thank you so much for your fast response!I know I sound crazy-I got past the pancreatic fear after the tests and now fear cancer in the spine in general.I am sure a great deal of my anxiety comes from losing 2 neighbors, 1 to pancreas and 1 to lung cancer.As I said this isn't like me to be this way and I have a new empathy for those who suffer anxiety.Shouldn't even read about things but I keep looking for backpain that sounds similar to mine & keep coming across tumors as a cause.
Get conflicting info too, some say xray of spine will show and others say not, so I don't feel as reassured by xray taken at onset of pain as I would like to.I'm anxious to get MRI over with.Thank you again for your wise advice-I wasn't sure what to expect posting to a message board & it really did help me feel more at ease.
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Anxiety can also make your muscles tense then when you do yard work they will feel it a lot more.  Try warm baths.  
Try to trust the test results and the professionals. Good luck.

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Thank you for your thoughts..I missed in my first post that this back pain has been going on since August & it just seems so long for it not to heal by now as I have been trying to take it easy.  But for sure I can tell that anxiety can cause everything to be worse--and at first with the side aches and then the cough & probably too much reading about symptoms I just let it get the best of me. Thanks to the posts here I feel alot better & going to try to relax, get the MRI and assume if anything shows it will be an injury and nothing more. Thanks again, I really appreciate it-your right on about warm baths they do help for awhile:)
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I have had the same kind of pain in my back for a few years. I never thought of cancer, now I think I am worried. Ok, no, I am not. I even went to physical therapy and got no relief. But sometimes it is gone, and others it is so horrible I cry. I get relief from sex (yes thats embarassing) and heating pad. I think it is stress. Oh and coughing can strain your back and it can take a very long time to heal, months. And you can re-strain it again easily. Damage has been done. Once we hurt a muscle, it is always weaker. Try physical therapy.?
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Thanks for replying.Can I ask a few questions?Does your pain feel more muscle or bone?Mine feels both but in bed it is BAD and feels like it is searing in mid spine,some nites worse than others.Had myself calmed down thanks to advice from all but last nite was so bad that I can't help but start to worry again.Laying on my back is impossible,have to lay on side in curled position that rounds my back out.Did you ever have your back xrayed or MRI?I feel for you for suffering so long.Is your pain worse when laying down?The heating pad does help some & so did the heat bands you can buy for back pain but I just cannot understand the way this pain presents itself. My husband will love it if I tell him we need to have sex more for my back :)
I'm back to being nervous now about MRI.If you or anyone has any more ideas I'd really appreciate it.
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