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mid left side back pain

i have had mid left side back pain for several months now, orginally thought i had a kidney infection, all test were negative, had an mri, showed i have L5 disc probem and T3 and T4 problems, have a very physical job had fallen at work, kept working so we all thought is was muscular went to a recovery chiropractic office, went through seven weeks of therapy, had one shot in back, no help, ultrasounds of pelvis, and abdomen and renal, all negative. OK had a bone scan the report was normal i saw some dark spots asked my dr, he said they were hot spots and ordered another mri of my sternum, that report was normal also on the bone scan in the area in my mid back there were some spots that are darker than others kinda grey. i have this pain on and off now alot and is this was muscular why am i still hurting after being off work for ten weeks and therapy, lying in bed taking deep breaths i can feel right where it hurts, i feel like people think im crazy, i have other pains in my hip and chest that feels like its in my bone, what other tests can be done to rule out anything serious, i also have chronic ITP, oh and since this all started on one of my blood checks for my low platelette problem my white count was 3.5 and platelette was 116  HELP
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Low WBC count shows some viral infections, immunodeficiency states, and bone marrow failure.Going by your symptoms,Bone scan and elevated platelets and low WBC,I feel that the possibility of multiple myeloma needs to ruled out.It is a tumor of the bone cells and typically presents with severe pain in the back. It is diagnosed by Electrophoresis (EP) which measures the levels of various proteins in the blood or urine.Bone scans and bone marrow biopsy are also sometimes helpful in confirming.

I feel that you should consult an oncologist and get this possibility evaluated.

Hope it helps.If you have any additional queries,then pls post us.
Take care and regards.
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thank you for responding, i want to rule out everything serious, i have an aunt that has multiple myeloma, i am scared to death that i have something wrong but the correct tests arent being done or im being miss diagnosed. what do i say to a dr. that wont hear me out and what do i ask as far as tests being done as soon as possible
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