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migraines, slurring words, memory loss

Hi im a 22 year old mother of two young children and iv always had bouts of depression since the age of 15, iv had a hard life and alot has happened to me, i met my fiance when i was 19 and got pregnant a month later, i had PND after having my son for about 5/6 month then got pregnant with my daughter when my son was 10 months old and again i had PND after her which i thought only lasted a month or 2 but since then iv been having strange feelings such as paranoia that something will happen to my kids or me or feeling worthless, useless, tired all of the time, extreme highs and sudden lows, things like then n it started seeming to get a bit better when my daughter was 4 month and i started to feel quite normal again and my daughter is 5 and a half month now but 3 week ago i had the worst migraine n i had never truly had a migraine although i thought i had but it must have been a bad headache, and this migraine lasted for 8 days then went as fast as it came then just 4 days ago one started again but with this one i was slurring my words, felt like i would faint if i stood up, telling people things 2-3 times because i had forgotten i had already told them until they reminded me, im getting clumsy bumping into things and tripping up the stairs, and im still having extreme highs like im on top of the world and nobody can touch me or bother me then within a few mins im crying wishing i was dead n feeling theres nothing to live for and really i know NOBODY understands me! i know i should go the docs but its hard for me to say all this cause i know i would forget what to say and half of my symptoms i should tell him.
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Hi there, sorry to hear of your troubles. I was wondering perhaps about your thyroid, your mood swings and highs and lows can point to bipolar disorder, but bipolar has been known to be misdiagnosed at times when it is actually a malfunctioning thyroid...you could have severe vitamin deficiency, anemia, you have had two children close together, and have lots of issues, including depression.

I would get your dr to give you another full exam including all your blood work, vitamin deficiency (B12 should be at optimal level of about 600-800, you can check out the evidence of this yourself), get diabetes tested, thyroid, and more than just the TSH, get the free T3 and T4 even if you fall within the reference range...ferritin can diagnose some problems with iron deficiency or overload, anemia can be very debilatating, and there are many disorders that cause a person to be either anemic, iron deficient, or iron overloaded. You need to get to root causes as the dr rules things out.

At this point it is a process of elimination, as the dr checks things and rules things out. Have they done any testing at all? Scans? MRI's to do with your headaches?

I know it seems all very overwhelming when you feel yucky, and have no energy to hardly get yourself together to get out the door sometimes, but it needs to be done and you have a couple good reasons, including yourself that can be a good motivator. I also have two young children, and if not for them I'd be hiding out in bed.

Hang in there, PM me if you have need to talk...take care.
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Like Panda2526 said you should get to a Dr. Your body chemistry could be out of whack or worse. You need to get some serious things ruled out by a health care professional. Please see one. Cut and paste your note in word and print it for the Dr. Good luck.
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Are you taking meds for anxiety or depression as that will do it, some are worse than others ask the Doc about dosage if you are .
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