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mouth ulcer

I am 32 years old man and have these white small ulcers in my mouth since I was just a child maybe age of 4 or 5. I visited doctors many times and recived my types of medications, but nothing could cure my mouth ulcer, it begains with one small white urlcer with lots of pain in all of my mouth and in few days it reaches to 4 or 5 in all ereas of my mouth even sometimes this goes deep to my throat and some times when this get very sever this associated with fever. after a week the small ulcers get bigger with a red cercle around and slowly slowly they disappear for another short time (one or two weeks) but sometimes this continuoe for one or tow months.

would anyone please let me know what is this?
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Hi mouth ulcers can come with certain autoimmune diseases as well.
Have you looked into other causes of mouth ulcers?
Do you have any other symptoms, ie joint pains, sickness or anything else when the ulcers erupt,? also do you get dry eyes or a dry mouth? when the ulcers are present?
Have you had the ulcers swabbed to see if they can pick what viral, fungal, or bacterial cause is.
It would be wise next time they come to have them swabbed,at your GP. to try find a cause as why they are recurrent, and keep coming back.
You said they went down in the throat, candida can go down into the throat, but candida are usually white patches on the tongue going back into the throat.
My suggestion to you is get them swabbed, next time they arrive. for viral, fungal, and bacterial.

Good luck, if i can help you more just give us a shout
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Hi there, hope your mouth is feeling better by now.  I have an auto-immune disorder called lichen planus and also get ulcers in my mouth.  A few years ago I had one dentist prescribe me a nystatin/mylanta rinse that helped some.  Then someone told me about an over the counter product called Glyoxide.  I get it from Walgreens or Walmart in the toothpaste/mouthwash section.  This stuff is better than anything I've ever tried for keeping the ulcers from coming.  I squirt a little in my mouth every day and swish it around, then spit it out.  Hope I've helped.  
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Since you have recurrent mouth ulcers since childhood, chances are that you have a dry mouth with less of saliva. It can also be due to poor oral hygiene. Also Vit B and iron deficiency can be a cause and should be seriously considered.
Hope these tips help. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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