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nausea for 3 months and tender/painful lump on neck

This is my first time here and I'll try to be as brief as possible. I have had nausea for about 3 months now, no vomitting, and a weight loss of 16 pounds in that time with a total weight loss of 23 pounds since January. I also have a lump (dr. believes it is a lymph node) in my neck which has been there for over 2 months which is tender and sometimes painful in the surrounding area. There is a lymph node by my pelvic bone which has been monitored for a couple of years now and I had a CT done last week but the radiologist's report has not come back yet (military hospital, go figure).

I have had blood work done and the only thing that was abnormal is that I am slightly anemic. I had an upper GI and it only showed reflux up to the middle of my esophagus (sp?). I have been prescribed Meclizine, Prilosec, and Reglan, but none of those have helped. I am tired of getting little help and response from the military doctors, and I am extremely close to getting a referral to a civilian doctor. If you can help me in any way I would appreciate it greatly. I have four children and my husband is deployed, and I can't keep going like this. Thank you in advance.

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I have heard that having been exposed to mono can be of concern when there are symptoms like mine, but I am not sure why. My now husband contracted mono our senior year of high school and while I didn't come down with any symptoms I am sure that I was exposed.

Thanks again.

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My daughter (14) has had symptoms for a year now, and has been to a dr so many times it's crazy. Many times for strep, sometimes I'd swear she had strep but the test was negative. She was finally out of town with friends and got more symptoms with the neausea, ie swollen throat, couldn't swollow, skin that hurt to touch her, a fever, couldn't bend her neck, burning lungs, I'm sure there were others. They took her to a hospital and did a strep test because her throat was so bad, and it was negative. The dr didn't know what else could be wrong so she did a blood test and it showed positive for mono. We are 3 weeks into it, she's back to school, but still has night time neausea, and that's how I found you. If she takes Mylanta (2-3) as soon as she feels bad she does ok, but sometimes as tonight it didn't work and I was looking for what else could be wrong. Anyway, the only way to prove mono is a blood test, and then there is no medicine to make it go away. Sleep and LOTS OF FLUIDS. She drank Gatorade by the gallons. Hope it helps, it's no fun being sick with kids, and REALLY unfair that your husband is not there to help you through this time. I'll pray for you. Chris
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Forgot to add: The lump on your neck...The glands in your neck are usually swollen with mono. Also, we tried Tagamet and Prilosec for the neausea, but only Mylanta has helped.
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