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neck pain, body aches all over, cramps and tingling feeling in my entire body.

I have pain in my entire body, i mean my entire body. I'm 20 years of age and my body is killing me. I also have toothaches, neck pains and muscle pain everywhere. I was wondering what could that be from, I recently went to the emergency room, the doctor perscribed anxiety, but this feeling is worse than that, i'm very fatigue can someone give suggestions please. I' ve been taking the medicine perscribed and it doesn't work at all.
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I've been having these feelings for about three weeks now
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Is the tingling pretty bad?  You may need to have your calcium levels checked.
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Hello :-)

Your symptoms sound alot like Fibromyalgia. How long have you been feeling this way?

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Hi Trell.
I agree with Sarah, it definatly sounds like fibromyalgia. Trust me its no fun for I have it myself. I know exactly what you mean by 'your whole body hurting' I have the same thing happening to me, and I am 27. Mine started at the age of about 21 though. It took the doctors years to figure out what it was since there is no test for it and there is no cure either. There is only treatment, and everyone is different. I seem to have fibromyalgia worse than most.It effects my legs and arms more than the rest of my body. I can not remember the last time I was able to go a day without being in extreme pain. I have to take pain meds daily and my quality of life sucks!!

If you do think it may be fibromyalgia, please visit the site www.fibrohugs.com. You will also need to see a rhumatologist (sp?) they are the type of doctor who diagnosed me. Fibrohugs is an online support group that will help you understand this illness. My ID there is aurora2779 if you ever want to talk to me just drop me a line and I will help you as much as I can. The people there are great and they understand what you are going through.

What meds are you currently taking for the pain? Does the pain feel like you have the flu,that type of aching,or do you have specific spots on your body which hurt more than others? It feels like muscle cramping and knots, and hurts like hell especially when pressed or touched or both?

If so, those are called trigger, or tender points and they are very painful. There is a way to relieve them somewhat but again, it is VERY painful. You have to put hard pressure on the knot or area that is tight. If you are like me and cant reach it (when its in my shoulder blades), then ask someone to put pressure on it for you to try to work it out. My boyfriend does this for me and he uses his nuckles. It will hurt and seem like its not worth it, but if you are able to loosen up the knot it feels alot better.

One thing I do suggest though is that if you have fibromyalgia, study up on it. Many doctors don't know much about it and they don't believe its a real illness, so therefore they don't know how to treat it. It is a hard illness to except and live with. I really hope for you and your family that it is not fibromyalgia, but maybe something else that has a cure. Good Luck either way though!! and please keep us posted on what you find out.

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Unfortunately your symptoms do sound like Fibromyalgia, I have been diagnosed with it also. My Dr's recent concerns are that I may have Lupus. I understand that the symptoms are so similar that it is hard to distinguish, there is however a blood test called an ANA test that I am going to have this week to find out which I have. Hang in there, don't give up. There has to be help for us.
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I have "side affects" to the steroid shots i had in both sides of my lower back and they also had to trigger the nerves.What a mistake that was,I get "crampping" like it's gonna kill me and it's all over my body and three times it went to my heart no lie and my husband had to rub my heart and i was like a lame duck.

The thing is i already have so many problems i have,chronic pain,chronic advanced fibromyalgia,siezures,spasms daily,7 protuding discs,coxydinia,motor V.A. fractured pelvis,fractured L/leg,broke both legs and both arms,at times can't control bladder or bowels and had seven major surgeries and holding on 3 but some doctors are scared to do surgery on me,hey but that can wait and also facial migrain and severe numbness.

My main concern is the "cramps " getting all day and afraid i might get one to the heart and no one will be around and i might get a heart attack,my doctor said their's nothing he can do and i think thats wrong,yhey say that the shots last 9 months and i'm so worried.
                                           PLEASE HELP ME
                                                             FAWZIA YEE-LIM
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I found a great doctor in Virginia Beach that does some alternative treatments.  His website is http://www.matrixtransformation.com/  He is helping a friend with stage 4 cancer right now.  He was told on July 4th he had 2 weeks to live, it is September 4th and he is still living.

I am feeling this overall pain and tingling thing.  My aunt has fibromyalgia really bad so I am praying that isn't what I have.  It is horrific.  I think I am going to Dr. D. today!

Good luck to all,
Rhonda Morin  
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Wow im so glad i came to this website. im a 29 year old male and i have horrible pain all over my body mainly in my lower back shoulders hands elbows,legs,feet and really bad in my hands i have had this for about five years now but just kinda thought maybe i was crazy.
i havent had any tests done but i am going to after reading this.
its kinda hard though because my wife thinks im just over reacting which is hard to take because i take pain very well and never complain.
anyway thank you all for your input..
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Yes i agree with sarah to its fibromyalga dorothy
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I had diarrhea one day, then the next day I woke up my body ached from head to toe.  Third day now and it still aches, stool isnt' as watery...moved up to soft now.  What's this--a food allergy? Slight food poisining? Gastrointerritis?  Electrolytes low? :(...treatment?
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im jenny i have the pain all over lower back both legs arms  as some one siad like the flu but 100% worst i feel like iv been in the gym for days with out stopping . and in the morning when go to get up i can not get out of bed have to have help or pull my self out and hold on to some thing iv had blood test just say level bit low but iv had to give up work with it  what do you think jenny
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well the last 4 days iv not been out of pain i can not get out of bed with out help takes me half hour tp get down the stiars. the back of my knees are so pain full and the bottom of my bum and in my grune there the woste pains the rest i can sort of deal with i have had to give up work as well . just what the hell have o got that can be so pain full i have apainment at hospit in june so have to wait till them nothing tales the pain away
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