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neck pain in children

my 3 year old daughter had very mild fever all of a sudden and she had a stiff neck the next day she woke up. She was given combiflam syrup and developed strong allergy which subsidised over 2 days with antiallergic medicine and then her neck pain also subsidised. However 4 days after that she is still not straightening her neck. The fever did not recur and she is absolutely fine with her activities. What could be the reason for the sudden neck pain and fever ? She is showing the symptoms of jaw-teeth onset though.
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Forgive me for frightening you.

The problem may be transient and inconsequential.

But meningitis is fatal. And the hallmark symptom is stiff neck and neck pain coupled with fever.
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Doctornee is on the money!

She needs an immediate evaluation. At the emergency room. Now. Right after you read this.
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The neck pain can be due to stiff neck or torticollis but in a child with fever, stiff neck should be investigated for meningitis. Please take her to a doctor immediately.
Take care!
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