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need help in pain

please help me find out what is wrong. i've been dealing with the following symptoms in the last 14 months or so and they are all still present unless noted otherwise:

1.pain/inflammation in both hands and wrists for 8 months- used to have tingling/shooting nerve pain but this subsided by not using hands as much to type- typing currently very painful- gets worse the more i use hands- if i use them too much tingling/ "shooting" pain returns- fingers/ wrists currently feel hot, swollen, and inflamed. this is my most bothersome symptom by far.
2. deep shoulder aches- worse if i don't work out- im thinking rotator cuff rips because the stronger i get the less these hurt
3. deep hip ache- this never bothers me- only noticeable when i push on hip joint and realize i have soreness all the time there
4. right knee swollen a couple time for a day or so, not sure why.
5. once time right big toe swelled for one day, no obvious reason
5. neck/trap/pec muscles tight- 6 months- physical therapy resolved this and tingling went away unless i overuse hands- tingling could also have gone away just due to rest
6. irregular periods- entire life
7. clear/milky nipple discharge from both breasts- 13 months
8. coughing phlem up after eating big meal and then sleeping
9. sleeping a lot- 8-12 hours
10. anxiety- recent panic attacks over all this
11. lots of stress
12. general ill feeling
13. low grade fever
14. becoming more "sensitive"- allergic to certain spices/honey i used for years and body products now which i never was before- broke out in painful/itchy rash on neck/check from a soap once which went away within 1 hr with high doses benadryl
15. had tinea versicolor rash on neck when hand pain started 8 months ago- this went away with cream
16. sometimes my eyes hurt slightly when i move them,. my overall vision seems to be getting worse, currently use reading glasses.
17.sometimes i have ringing in ears, but not for long and its not really bothersome
18, sometimes breast bone is sore but its not too bothersome to me

lab work:
1.slightly elevated glucose- 101- over the years this has constantly been in this slightly elevated range (highest 107)- diabetes runs in family
2. high protein in urine- 21 (normal 15)- none found 8 months ago
3.slightly low creatine serum- .56
4. prolactin- 12.5
5. vit d was low at 25- took 6 months of supp and sun to get it to 37
6. ra factor 7.8 - 6 months ago

ive had all normal xrays on joints, and other normal blood work that is too much to list here. been diagnosed with thoracic outlet but not sure if this is correct and evn the dr. does not seem confident in the diagnosis. he mentioned lupus/ra maybe in future.

on shoulder xray which showed lungs a little i noticed what appears to be prominent bronchial markings but dr didnt say anything

thanks for your help. i have no idea whats wrong with me. i feel like my body is breaking down on me and i really think something is wrong. sorry this was so long. take care and i wish you well.

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Have you been checked for autoimmune disease? http://thyroid.about.com/cs/endocrinology/l/blchecklist.htm  Here is a checklist I suggest going over it and if you start getting red flags take it to your doctor and see what they think. Best wishes, I hope you are diagnosed soon, Sissie
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thank you so much for responding. I have been checked autoimmune and nothing was found. but, since autoimmune stuff is so complicated i am not 100% confident i dont have an autoimmune disease.

the list was very helpful.

according to the list I could have (4 or more symptoms) in order of most symptoms to least: hashimotos hypothyrodism (8), cushings (6), celiac (6), lupus (4), POCS (4),sjogrens (4).

i looked all of them up and none of them explain all my symptoms. im thinking of seeing an endocrinologist to talk about the thyroid.

thank you for your help.
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maybe you should see a rhumatoligist?  sorry about the spelling.  anyway, i would say you may have a pinched nerve somewhere in the back around your shoulder blades and you could be having some bone necrosis in the hip and rhuematoid arthritis affects the joints and creates inflamation(swelling) and pain.  how old are you?  do you take vitamins c and d to help you not get osteo arthrits?  always take vit.d with c.  they work good together!  hope i helped.
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thanks for the advice, mkwilde091009.

i have seen a rheumatologist and the blood work was fine except the things I noted in my post, like the urine protein (she tested mainly for inflammation problems, including RA, but did not repeat RA factor test..im not sure why...i was tested for RA factor 8 months ago and it was negative). She thought i have carpal tunnel syndrome and some swelling of the knee cap, but 2 other drs and my physical therapist do not think i have that carpal tunnel and the knee thing is just random and probably true but I definitely have other issues as well.

i take vitamin D 2000iu and a women's one a day vitamin which I believe has C in it. i also take 3 fish oil capsules a day and some joint supplement.

last night i noticed a small pale, painless ulcer in my mouth and so now i'm thinking maybe all this is from gluten intolerance, as ulcers are a symptom. i also have long suspected i have "leaky gut" and joked about it but now i am realizing this could be due to gluten and a symptom of a bigger problem. i have never been tested for celiac's. im going to try going gluten free for a while and see if anything gets better and then also get tested for thyroid problems. ive been tested for thyroid problems before (maybe a yr ago) and the dr said im fine. im hoping the gluten thing works but to be honest im doubtful. worth a try though at this point.

is it likely to have bone necrosis in both hips?

thank you so much.
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Autoimmune diseases are hard to catch. You may want to post this on the thyroid forum and see what they say. I had symptoms of Hashi's for five years before they caught mine. It can flare up and go away almost on a day to day basis. It would be a good idea to go to a endo. Whatever the cause I hope you get help for it soon. Best wishes, Sissie
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thanks for your reply, i will make an apt with an endo.

i am happy to hear you got a diagnosis for your problem. 5 years is a long time to wait. im so discouraged after only 8 months.
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