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neuroendocrine tumor question

i have some other undiagnosed health condition, currently being evaluated for a neuroendocrine tumor or functioning digestive disorder. symptoms are as follows:

female, 24 years old

last 2 years:
hair loss (grows back in, but doesn't stay in the hair follicle long. about 2" tops before the hair falls out again.)
very dry eyes.
can't keep teeth clean. EVERYTHING sticks to them. have to use a metal dental tool to get it off. i have to keep it in my purse.
joint pain.
rash on stomach.
unexplained tachycardia (i do not have anxiety disorder or any other psychiatric disorder).

within the last year:
dry eyes much worse
tachycardia worse
teeth MUCH worse. enamel is weak and falling off in chunks.
have to eat every 2 hours or i get really shakey.
facial neuralgia starting in january.

within last 2 months w/ 2 one week long breaks of feeling sort of ok:
constant intense nausea
can't breath after eating
eating makes my stomach hurt down my esophagus, on my stomach, between my ribs, chest pain, pain under bottom of ribs on both sides, pain horizontally across my abdomen about a 1/2" below my bellybutton.
hiccups all the time for no reason.
when i eat start to sweat, feel hot, shakey, very weak, feel horrible. lasts about 1-2 hours.
for 5 or 6 days at a time, constantly hungry no matter how much i eat, constantly thirsty no matter how much i drink.
have several days at a time (usually 3 or 4, every 1-2 weeks), where i have to pee every 1 hour, and it's like i have to go now, can't hold it a second longer. normally i can hold my pee for around 6 hours comfortably. i'll have several days like this where i can't hold it, then go right back to normal. then a week later i can't hold it again.
moderate diarrhea (sorry! i figure it's important information).
even a sip of water causes worsening of nausea.
had an endoscopy which showed possible barrets, waiting on results, otherwise normal.

have never been able to keep weight up.

have had tested:
basic blood work
c reactive protein (several times. slightly elevated all the time)
ana (several times. high all the time)
transferretin (high)
iron (normal)
ca125 (20) endometriosis strongly suspected. lap scheduled for january.

could this be a neuroendocrine tumor? is it at all likely? my doctor said it is unlikely, but the symptoms sound right on to me. people in my family tend to get diseases which are rare. (rare heart conditions, rare blood cancers, thyroid issues.) lastly, can a neuroendocrine tumor or a functioning digestive disorder influence your teeth or the chemical makeup of your saliva? i dont have dry mouth, but my saliva is like cement.
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Though a rare disorder, pancreatic insulinomas should also be thought of in your case and have someone check your blood sugar while you eat. The hypoglycemia in this is transient following food and there is a quick increase in blood glucose once you eat.
Polycystic ovaries, and hemochromatosis are the other strong possibility for your symptoms. Since there is dry eyes and teeth have abnormal texture—Sjogren's Syndrome should be looked into. A baad acid reflux can also damage tooth enamel.
Yes, a neuro-endocrine tumor too is a possibility but other causes mentioned should be looked into.
Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral.
Take care!
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You sound like me and my family. My husband, son and I were finally diagnosed with lyme disease after many years of going to doctors. We have chronic lyme and this causes testing to be poor. If it was caught early we probably would have been positive. We have been in treatment for lyme and co-infections for a few months now. We all finally got postitive tests for lyme disease. I know what you are going to say and that is that I have never had a bulls eye rash, well we didn't either. Most people don't get the rash or test positive. You can go to my journal pages and it can help you understand how many of your symptoms are just like ours. We were diagnosed with all sorts of health ailments but the doctors suspected these diagnosis's they were never positive that was the cause. After seeing an endocrinologist and her checking our thyroid, blood sugar, insulin levels, and hormones she told us we need to see a disease specialist because we all came back with the same things wrong in testing. She told us lyme disease could cause all of our health issues and that would be a good place to start. We decided to see a lyme specialist. This is where we finally got the help we needed. We are still having many of our terrible symptoms but they are not as severe. It will take a while for treatment to fix our us because we have had lyme for 10+ years. Please feel free to contact me if you need any info on how to find a lyme doctor and make sure you check out my journal pages.
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It's at all likely to be neuroendocrine-related tumor-like symptoms caused by mostly radioactive waste or large amounts of harmful radiation. Some cases of what you described can affect the saliva. Be careful and get an adornite for protection and guidance. Don't ask what an adornite is--either you find it or you don't find it.
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