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neurological symptoms

For over 10 years I was diagnosed with MS.  But in the last few years I have been having different symptoms that don't fit into the MS symptoms.  I ask my doctor to see another dr. because he couldn't explain what was going on with me.  This other dr. told me he doesn't feel it is MS because my MRI(#2)came back normal.  He feels I have some type of atypical complicated migraine.  What I read about this type of migraines, my symptoms don't fit this either.  I started years ago with neck problems. (neck hurt went to chiropractor) After the birth of my second child, I had stroke like symptoms on my left side.  I kept having different symptoms that fit MS.  The first MRI was normal but dr. said that it was early and might not show up yet. I have been treated for MS all this time.  In the past few years, I have been getting paralyzed on/off when I lay on the back of my head.  I know what is going on but until someone lifts me off my head I can't talk or move.(I also have heart problems.) The worst time was like my brain was telling my body to shut down. I don't remember a lot after that. The paramedic had a hard time finding my pulse and my heart rate dropped.  If my daughter was not here with me, I would not be here. I was already having what they called an acute MS attack. It took me months to even start to walk again. I had a hard time talking, moving, or anything for about 6 months. Now it is starting again I don't know who is right. What I read about Migraines they don't last that long, but MRI is normal.  I haven't had any MS treatments from that time on.
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After reading the doctor's response to your question, I just wanted to put in a good word for the Mayo Clinic.  After trying for years to get an accurate diagnosis for a neurological problem, I finally went to Mayo and was very impressed by the doctors there.  Also, the prices for tests at Mayo are surprisingly inexpensive, so I was able to get full insurance coverage.  So it was well worth the trip.
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I spent two years researching medicine in my spare time, even though I'm a Business major~. Believe it or not, I made it a long way in my understanding-I'm still convinced that the heart of all disease is a condition known as Celiac Sprue. I know that the GALT tissue and Thymus gland is the heart of the immune system. I know that the main function of B12 and Folic Acid is to recycle Homocysteine and Methathione, and the reason that B6 is so important is because it acts as a Catalyst to convert Homocysteine into Cysteine. I know that lactic acid can be a big problem, a phenomenon where the body's own true defense mechanism is actually what moreless does people in during severe infection, not the infection itself. Bottomline is that I learned a lot, and I think that in some capacities, I actually got myself onto a fairly decent playing field with some of this in terms of the ideology.

Anytime I hear about any of these neurological manifestations, six conditions come to mind right off the bat-Lyme, TB, Cat Scratch Fever (Toxoplasmosa), Candida, Asperigillosis, metal toxicity, and Botulism.

I'm an amateur, remember, so I don't have to worry about what I say here, so long as you understand that I'm not qualified to give medical advise. So this is just my opinion-

Of the seven conditions that i just listed, TB is not likely to be involved with these types of symptoms sprouting up all over the place. Candidiasis is a relevant darkhorse (One look at its connections to Diabetes, and the acknowledgement that it's almost next to impossible to detect the infection via testing, and I think that consideration needs to be offered in part, at least). But that one's more unlikely, too.

Some say that over 60 million Americans are infected with Toxoplasmosa Gondii, a single celled organism that can most often be traced back to those spooky little cats. 90% of those with such infection never experience symptoms-the other 10%, and/or those with impaired immune systems, anything is open game in such instances, I suppose. Lymph node swelling and an inflated Lymphocyte count are usually a decent key, though.

In the case of "Metal or chemical toxicity," it could be any number of a thousand different things. How do you test for that? You can't, although I do think that copper and some type of Wilson's like effect is a neglected area of consideration at work today.

That leaves Lyme's, Botulism, and Asperigillosis.

Lyme's is a very interesting possibility in some of these cases. Several believe that this one goes beyond that of a "Tick born disease," or so it is the belief of some of the conspiracists, anyway. Might be worth reading up on for anybody with mystery neurological manifestations, I suppose.

That leaves the two that fascinate me the most, personally.

Aspergillus Niger is a mold that is used in several food preservatives, "Citric acid" being the main one. Essentially, many nutritional companies, and the food industry itself, use this mold to produce derivatives. ie- Citric acid from an orange is natural, citric acid in Diet Pepsi has been derived from Aspergillus Niger.

The problem with Aspergillus Niger is that it is what produces Mycotoxins, the third most carcinogenic substance they've identified.

Asperigillosis, which is a serious, actual fungal infection, has been known to attack the nervous system prior to turning into a serious infection.

Understand that consuming food derivatives of Aspergillus Niger does not mean that you are instantly infected with Asperigillosis, or anything like that. However, there is somewhat of a concept to some of this-those that use Aspergillus molds for the production of food ingrediants better darn well know what they're doing, you know. As a consumer, I'm not exactly terribly comfortable with the fact that the food industry is in the biz of using lethal molds for creating derivatives, you know, regardless of the precautions that are in place to make sure that actual Aspergillus Niger doesn't creep into the products that they're making with this stuff.

The last is Botulism. Botulism is an infection that can also go after the nervous system. It's a food borne illness, essentially. The Dept of Homeland Security has alerted all of our doctors to be on the look out for this one ever since 9/11, to my understanding, as it is the gov'ts belief that this is something terrorists could use to go after us. Thankfully, from what I've read, anyway, I think that the symptoms would be fairly obvious for most doctors right off the bat w/ such infection. Given the status of today's stressed out medical field, however, it's probably not the first thing that comes to mind, either. One interesting link with this is that there have been several increases as of late in the # of those diagnosed with a condition called Myasthnia Gravia. Coincidentally, one researcher recently said that 90% of the cases he's ever seen of Myasthnia Gravia have a connection to the Botulin toxin. Bottomline is that you always want to be on the lookout for this type of stuff, just don't panic about things. Be sensible.

Finally, there's always that stress, folks. At that point, if anyone knows anything about the Pineal Gland, it might also just be that the power of prayer can do an awful lot to overcome anything that you're dealing with. For the life of me, I can't possibly see how a single doctor today could ever be an athiest. And that's an understatement.

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Have you ever had an ultrasound done on your carotids? Ask what the chances are that you may have a carotid disection. Chances are slim, but it happened to us.......
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Botulism is not an infection it is a neurotoxin. I don't believe this person could have botulism posioning for 10 yrs. check out the CDC website for information on Botulism. This is in the news currently because of the huge recall of processed products from Castelberry's and from the Greenbean recall.
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