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new symptom memory loss help

This was my previous post couple of weeks ago:
10 months ago this all started...Woke up lips swollen and had what I thought was a stomach bug. Vomiting, diahrea, tired. Spent about 3 days in bathroom and bed. Thought it was over but it was just starting. From that day till now I have had constant nausea and vomiting. Sometimes I have a few minutes, or a day or so with no symptoms, but vary rarely. It doesnt seem to be connected to eating, food allergies, there is no rhyme or reason that I can pinpoint. I started out weighing 390 almost 400lbs and have lost about 80 lbs over the last ten months, most was lost within the first few months. Other conditions prior to this are: back pain due to digenerative disc and sciatica, obviously overweight, diabetic(take pills), hysterectomy 2004 due to pain and polycystic ovarian disorder(complete removal). Family history: breast cancer and non cancerous tumors, diabetes, non alcholic chirosis of the liver(native american).

Since becoming ill with constant nausea and vomiting, I have almost stopped all meds including those for diabetes. My sugar is dropping even with not taking meds. I go many times days without eating. If I get a craving for something I try to eat it right away. I have some success keeping things down sometimes.

Symptoms the past 10 months:
nausea, vomiting, passing out(fainting) several times, dizzy for no reason, right hand cramps up like frozen, pain in left arm moved to neck then pain in chest(lasted several months), chest wall inflamation(unknown reason), sudden diahria(quite often), headache(dont usually have them)lately more severe, feeling weird(just not right), short term memory loss(some time cant remember current conversation), itchy parts of body, scalp itches bad(no new meds or foods).

Last week notice swollen and red throat with some white spots on tonsils and also noticed golf ball sized lump in upper arm(on inside of arm but not in armpit). Blood pressure is normally really low but last month at er pressure high(figure it was the pain raising it).

Test done: Was referred to gastro doc and had complete work up and testing. Endoscopy(showed inflamed stomach, gastritis). Gastric emptying, scans of gallbladder, liver(showed fatty liver, no gastroparesis, gallbladder works fine). Other than fatty liver, gastritis no other gastro problems. I took meds to coat stomach for two months. Now only take prevacid. Still no help.

With current insurance the only doctors available to manage my care are two doctors at my clinic and when need to the local er. If anyone has any ideas or can relate, please share. I need to know what to ask my doc for(testing or specialist, etc). Because they are not proactive at all. Any ideas please. I know some of my symptoms are probably due to lack of nurisment from being sick or dehydrated or sugar, but not all can be.

****Right after this post got into docs office...reasons for visit were the lump that came up previous week on underarm, memory loss concerning me, head(scalp)itching so bad and hair falling out, the hair thing is nothing new just thought id mention it....at the office found out I had lost forty lbs in past week...doc not concerned and said i should lose more weight...we have chosen to disagree and he is no longer treating me...after leaving office i was very upset...stayed with my mother that night...couldnt carry on conversations because i couldnt remember what i was saying...i can just feel the words slipping away....its bad...scarry bad...went to er the next day and was told they could not treat multiple symptoms and they are for emergencies...i get that...i realize i dont have blood gushing out an open would but scared i wont remember my name and scratching sores on scalp...i consider that a  little worrisome....ct done..doc said ok...blood work done for what i dont know...i guess it was ok....im completely freakin out....im scared im realy losing my mind...im only 39...no more docs in my area...should i be alarm with such a sudden increase in memory loss...also having troubles doin normal stuff like processing info or making decisions...help anyone any ideas.
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The first thing is rule out Crohn’s. Crohn’s disease is a difficult entity to diagnose. Along with gut symptoms skin disorders and arthritis too are commonly seen with Crohn’s. An upper GI series using barium dye is done to see the condition of small intestines. The degree of involvement of the large and small intestine may vary from person to person.  A biopsy is the most confirmatory. An elevated ESR, low protein, minerals and iron in blood are the other findings in Crohn’s which may or may not be present. A recent advancement in Crohn’s diagnosis is video capsule endoscopy.
Prolonged illness of any type can cause memory loss. If all brain related causes (transient ischemic attack, disorders of hypothalamus, dementia and multiple sclerosis, head injury etc) are ruled out then Vit B12 deficiency (possible in IBS and Crohn’s), chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders (by sleep studies), depression, and certain types of seizures (where memory loss is the predominant symptom) should be investigated for as the cause of memory loss.
Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into. Please consult your PCP to run tests and examination to clinch a diagnosis. Take care!

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