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no ciculation cut wont heal

hi im a pet groomer and i use my hand alot .it gets numb swollen and lately i have very little ciculation one of my finger nails looks like is sunk in the midle and are not growing much.i have several little cuts that dont heal and one of them is white and they hurt alot if i get hit on them.could these be diabetic?and why do the cuts hurt so much ?somtimes i just grab something and i see stars

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I know diabetes can cause poor circulation, as can peripheral vascular disease, so you might want to get blood sugar and cholesterol levels checked & get checked for infection ASAP!  Also, please get your iron and ferritin levels checked.  A website has this to say about fingernails: that a fingernail with raised ridges, thin, and curved inward has an association with iron deficiency anemia.
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