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numerous foci of signal intensity in brain

Hi All,
A year ago I had an MRI that stated 6 high punctate lesions on the brain. The MRI a month ago stated "numerous foci of signal intensity in the subcortical white matter." Any clues? Thus far I have been cleared of MS and Lymes. DX fibromyalgia.  Have MANY neuro symptoms -- burning bones; pain; tingling; balance isues, etc. Any idea what the foci of signal intensity could be?
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I would seek a new neurologist and go from there.Maybe insist on a new MRI to see if theres any changes.
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Sorry to read you're still miserable. I think I wrote you before
when you didn't understand MRI & they thought it was MS. MRI's
are very complexed & everyone thinks it shows all including all
kinds of dx's & micro stuff. The test is a tool that goes
through spins/echoes/T-levels,etc. Ea. scan slice is an attempt
to fine tune/ck.liquid or solid/reaction or an old neuron mis-
fire. What you described depends on location & clinical to make
a picture. Since they look at imaging & the human eye can't see
in your brain, they rely on signals/patterns/intensities & where
it's at. (Foci) means like an un-seen focus. So the 'foci signal
of intensity' in subcortical white matter, just says there is a
signal in vascular area w/ feedback. If it's in the subcortical,
it can mean a mis-fire happened from a vascular/vessel/ischemic/
or depression neuron that received damage/trauma from stress/
leaked & then sealed/micro scar spot from sealing. An ischemic
attack sounds big but in most cases, it's found by accident on
an mri & is a vessel that bled alittle then sealed. A migraine
can give many foci signals even if hdaches were 5 yrs. ago & now
gone. Long term depression will have a 'intense' signal that may
have affected neurons. As far as the 'punctate lesions' it
depends on where/sz/location. I'm guessing high means of high
intensity which can mean sronger signal of a more solid plaque
that can mean ischemic vessel but generally means Hypertension
w/ blood flow at some time. So I would suggest ck'g your BP &
go to the fire dept. for that. Most ofc's are never ck'd for
calibration & studies proved they are 10-14 off on systolic or
they just take it wrong. The dept's don't mind it all. Just
stop in & say I think my docs off! If hi, buy a cuff-monitor &
take to dept & they'll calibrate/compare for you. A family
death can also cause punctate/foci to happen & latter show up.
Your spine communicates to the brain w/ receiving pain &
balance so you may have fibers there that muscular/bone aches
are spasming/disks/swelling/posture. Get your bloodwk copies &
see if a Sed/CRP/Thyroid was run. Get a script for anti-inflamm.
& maybe something for sleep. Sleep will help you cope better.
There are different types of hypertension. Most constrict the
arteries that help feed the muscles. If they get inflamm. so do
your muscles. Muscles must have fluids so drink more water or
even green tea. Carbs also can cause inflamm. Try to limit.
Stress causes pain so maybe get a ck. for Cortisol. Gd-luck.

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