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ongoing sickness..doctors gave up!!

i have had 4 episodes of severe sore throat in the past 3 months and i have been put on 4 different antibiotics. The last antibiotic i took was 3 weeks ago. I get recurrent sore throats that last for a week or so and go away and come back. Last time i got the sore throat it made my front neck lymph nodes to get swollen and it would hurt to touch. The tenderness and pain got better and its getting less swollen now. But 5 days ago i started getting a very bad stomach pain and nausea. Few hours later i was vomiting and had the worse stomach pain. I went to the hospital and they put me on IVs and anti-nauseous drugs (im not sure if  the vomiting was related to the sore throat, like im not sure if its all the same disease doing this to me). I havent vomited in the past 4 days only did on the first day but i feel nauseous to the point i can barely eat anything. I can but i just feel so bad that i rather not have anything. I also have a weird feeling my throat, kind of like a slight sore throat. Now the thing that is scaring me the most is the fact that i have pain in my groin lymph nodes. I sometimes get pain in my underarm as well. I'm scared i might have cancer or something. None of my lymph nodes are swollen to the point where they are visible but they just hurt to touch. What could this possibly be? I have done around 4 different CBC (complete blood count) in the past 3 months, last one being 4 days ago in the hospital and its all normal. I'm 20. We have no history of cancer in our family. I had fever for only one day other than that my temperature is normal. I lost 3 kilos in the past 3 days (but i thinks thats due to the vomiting and the fact that i cant eat since i feel like puking) should i be worried? i have anxiety over my health and this is not helping at all. Im starting to do bad in school because of this. I cant get my mind off this. I keep thinking i have a fatal disease that is causing all of this. Should i be feeling like this after the CBC tests come back normal?
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Did a doctor say the lymph nodes were swollen?  Did anyone suggest gastroesophageal reflux disease which can cause sore throat?  What about a GI work up & abdominal ultrasound?  See also PM.
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Learned can't send you a PM.  Have you ever asked to have biopsy if lasting more than a month w/swollen lymph node?
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