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pain "down there".

so here's a complicated one...

i have ulcerative colitis that has been in remission for a while. this summer, however, i developed a bartholin's cyst and was placed on antibiotics that threw my gut for a loop. almost six months later, i'm on bactrum which is keeping my cyst from killing me with its pain and isn't being mean to my gut.

i'm due for some sort of surgery on the 18th, so that i don't have to take antibiotics anymore.

however, a couple days ago, i noticed pain that seemed a bit like anal fissures i'd had in the past. i checked in the mirror and couldn't see anything and continued with sitz baths, hoping things would get better.

however, now it's hard to get up once i'm sitting or laying down. it's difficult to walk and sleep. it's like a throbbing, aching pain that goes from my anus to the base of vaginal opening. i've felt a bump or two there that are relatively small but extremely sensitive. the mirror-check shows nothing except slight redness that you have to be looking for in order to see. it feels dry, which is probably the strangest thing.

i've been using pain-killing neosporin but that has only worked for maybe five minutes at a time.

the other day i had a terrible fever and was shaking. i have not had much of an appetite since and i'm pretty shaken up by this.

could this be a developing fistula?
or something else?

this is a nightmare and i have no idea how to deal with it. any help would be great. thanks so much.

oh. i'm 19 and a complete virgin.

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I can definitely sympathize with you.... I have had Crohn's disease for about 25 years now (I am 36) and have had all the "side effects" ..... fissures, sore joints, 3 surgeries, and ALL the meds.... I am currently on Humira, as all the others have stopped working....

During my second surgery, my surgeon discovered fistulas between my colon and bladder, uterus, and one other organ that I forget which now (I was about 18 at the time).  For the past 4-5 years, I have been getting those sores around my vagina and in the pubic area.... I asked my gastroenterologist about them.... she said she didn't know.... (*rolls eyes)... so I have been to about 28 physicians since and a few dermatologists.... whole all tried to treat me with antibiotics... or steroids.... with little to no help.  They drain constantly.... sometimes they swell up like they are seriously infected and the PAIN is unbelievable!!  You just want to crawl in ahole and die!!!  So I finally went to see a surgeon, who agrees with me (after 5 years!!) that they ARE fistulas.... "watering can fistulas" he called them... as there are now so many opennings to the skin where they drain that it is difficult to decifer..... he wants to do further examinations under anesthetic to be positive.... but he is 99% sure this is what it is... which makes sense since most of my disease right now is in the very low sigmoid colon (which is about the only part of my colon I have left!!)......

Red, tender areas is how most of my sores showed up at first....then pain and swelling..... and yes, I get fever with them..... so in my INexperience... this is what it sounds like to me... that you are experiencing the start of the same thing.   The good news is..... if you are already going for surgery soon, it CAN be fixed for now, and hopefully for a long time after!!  (As opposed to it developing into a draining mass that causes problems forever....).  The less good news is, that because of the UC, they do have a tendancy to come back....  :(

I hope your surgery goes well.
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