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pain in kidney and spleen AREA's ??

Im 20yrs old, and Female.
I was hoping someone could maybe help me out.
The past few weeks i have had this chronic cramp like pain in the left flank area of my back. its usually worse when i am laying down. Especially on my left side. When i am on my left side the pain will extent to my left lower and upper back as well and i will get random pain or a burning sensation that lasts quite awhile right under my left lower rib in the front. Along with that ive had an off and on low grade fever (98.9 to 99.2) if anyone has any suggestions that would be great!

Some Background Info that may or may not be relevant to my symptoms above:

In the past, i have had three kidney stones, this does not feel like one though?
I do have mild endometriosis. I have had a large ovarian cyst before, as well as an ovary infection. I also suffer from anxiety and panic disorder as well as sleep paralysis. Back in February i had temperature spike of 104. with alot of rectal bleeding (doctors never determined the cause) and it was a one time thing.  

Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forum!
The pain that you describe in the flank region that also appears in the back and in the front can be due to kidney stones. You also have a past history of these. Hence there is a high chance of these. There could be an accompanying UTI. A kidney abscess too will cause similar symptoms but will present with a higher fever.
The other possibility is that the ovarian cyst has got twisted. The third possibility of endometriosis can be considered if you have pain only around your periods.
It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do discuss this with your doctor (urologist) and get yourself examined.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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thank you for your help. the ovarian cyst was removed back in december, and it was on the right side, so i dont think that would have anything to do with it. But i was told that kidney stones dont cause nagging pain?? with my other stones i have always had sharp severe pain. As of february my dr had told me that i did not have any stones in the left kidney anymore, just in the right. could one maybe be forming? maybe if its moving around in the kidney it could be causeing the nagging pain?
i do not have a high fever, but as of right now it is 99.5
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Left flank pain is generally due to kidney stones. The other causes could be crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, infection in kidney, constipation, and an abscess in rectus abdominis muscle or psoas muscle, periumbilical hernia that has got trapped resulting in small bowel obstruction or mesenteric ischemia, aortic aneurysm, ovary involvement (it is possible you now have on left side), ectopic pregnancy, or endometriosis. Do discuss this with your doctor.
Hope this helps. Take care!
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