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pain in stomach

i have had this shooting pain in my stomach for about three weeks. i can't seem to find out what it may be. it's so bad i double over in the floor. i was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. it's not just in one spot it's all over my stomach. thanks.
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i just posted a similar request lol...  ya...  but i have no idea what's causing it...
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Abdominal pain that comes on suddenly suggests a sudden event, for example, the interruption of the supply of blood to the colon (ischemia) or obstruction of the bile duct by a gallstone (biliary colic).

What makes the pain worse? Pain due to inflammation (appendicitis, diverticulitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis) typically is aggravated by sneezing, coughing or any jarring motion. Patients with inflammation as the cause of their pain prefer to lie still.

Pain that is accompanied by heartburns or nausea is often due to dyspepsia or GERD.Pain that is accompanied by the change in bowel movements like diarrhea or blood in stools is often due to irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.

Sometimes referred pain from kidneys,ovarian cysts and ectopic pregnancy also cause a referred abdominal pain. Pls get an ultrasound abdomen and CT abdomen along with blood counts done to find out the cause of pain as treatment depends on the same.I feel that a gastroenterologist’s consultation will be the best.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing and if you have any additional queries.

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Hello :)
I think maybe its wind in your belly. It maked me keel over in pain also.
Try a cup of warm kettle water. When you ever have stomach pains I heard
you are ment to lay on your left side. I ahve no idea why but I often do it.
I cant guarantee this is your problem...But you should invest in a heat bag (wheat bag)
They are great, warm, comforting, soothing.
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