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I'm a 21 year old female. For at least the last 5 months I've been in chronic undiagnosed pain. I have a history of having Arnold Chiari Malformation Type 1, which I had a decompression for at 14. I'm not sure if any of my symptoms now are related to that or if they have a different cause.

Pain in the back/roof of my mouth, and it is quite painful to swallow.
Pain deep in my nose, that seems to be related to the mouth pain.
Sore throat, thobbing throat pain
Weight loss
Neck pain
Back pain
headaches at the top and back of my head
mild diarrhea and recent change in stool color (as of the last 3 days)

I've seen 2 ENT doctors, who have found a minor septum deviation and allergies, but no signifcant issues. I've seen a gastro doctor, and I'm scheduled to have an endoscopy of my throat this week. I've been on heartburn medication which seems to help some of the throat pain at times, but it keeps coming back. I've had recent blood work that has shown an elevated level of biliburin and alburin. I'm getting more blood work done tomorrow.

Overall, I feel terrible and I can't quite seem to get any answers. I'm not sure if what is wrong. Any ideas?
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Iam so sorry to hear that you are going thru all of this..i really understand your pain..i myself suffer from pain, 24/7..i havent had a restful sleep since 1991 when i suffered a traumatic auto accident..i broke my spine,neck,chin,arms,legs...even though i survived, i have been living with severe pain since 1991....

I hope you dont give up in trying to know what is really going on..please pray that you find some relief, when you know what you are dealing with, then you can muster all your strengh and fight for your health....your symptoms can be a lot of things, so dont give up, keep going to many doctors until you find a answer...have the Drs get you in gaving a CT SCAN, OR A COMPLETE BODY MRI...THIS can rule out any tumors or abnormalities within your body...also, try to get a stool test for that change in stool...do mention this to the DR, because this is important...I worked myself in the healthcare field, with many Drs, in 30 yrs of my life, so your symptoms can be sometimes alike to many diseases...from simple allergies to stomach cancer....i dont want to scare you, but dont rule out anything, dont give up, and go to many doctors as you can until you find an anwer...the best way to this is to go to the big hospitals...where there are so many specialists...usually these hospitals have excellent diagnostic tools and doctors...rather than your community doctors office....

i hope this helps you..i will pray for you..and keep strong, have faith, and dont give up...keep fighting for your health, and try to get support from family,friends, or a support group..ok..dont be alone on this...

May GOD BLESS you and give you strengh everyday..

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