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panic about hiv infection


i had unprotected oral sex and then unprotected boob job with a sex worker before 3 and half months ago after that event say four days i had severe abdominal pain and it was so horrible i need to call the ambulance  and the doctors had done ct scan and detected a kidney stone of  mm and in the blood there was a infection the wbc count was 18.5(4.0-10.0) and they have given me ciproflaxin antibiotic and dr bazethaman which is muscle relaxant  after a week i felt a bit ban in my jaw and below the ear lobe on the same night i rubbed some cream and it was normal in the next day morning in between the course time i had session of abdominal pain on only left hand side and i have noticebly seen an increase in acidity i use to get big burbs all the time all i thought is  because of stone and after a severe jerk on one night there was no pain and on follow up checkup i mean after a month from the date the kidney stone was detected doctor said do u feel pain still or felt like passing stone in urine i was not sure about it then doctor suggested me to for ivp test and after the test it was confirmed that i donot have stone any more.
after a couple of days after gradually i felt some thing  a bit bulge under my jaw  and bit pain but not all the times .i was a bit scared of that i might have got any stds mainly HIV, i used to surf the net all about the symptoms of hiv ,after few days i felt a pain or soreness in my right had which is axilla  not actually axilla  but  outer side of axilla . i use to spend hours in bathroom feeling my lymph nodes trying to find out if they are swollen this happened for few days and i still get that soreness feeling at courses of time in a day  .as i was reading lots of hiv symptoms on net line mouth ulcer  i suddenly noticed  Circumvallate papillae on left side and right side of my tongue and after few days i found a hard bony lesion on my lower gum i have been feeling it lot of times and i can confirm that i might be a bone or tooth comming out.  after few days i went to gp  and  he said i have  a bit swollen glands on both side just below my jaw and said your wisdom tteht have not come out completely an d some times they may grom in funny directions and done few blood tests like esr,tft,fbc,paul bunnel,lft, and the results were fine except i got low mch and low mcv ,hmg 13.2  a bit high rbc  and the rest of the tests came fine and the gp said nothing to worry about and gave me ferrous sulphate 250 mg for 6 weeks and suggested a fbc after 6 weeks .recently i a m feeling a pain on left abdomen i some times will be at the back some times in lower abdomen i am unable to understand actually where it is and i can hear sounds of my bowel movement like similiar to the sounds when you feel hungry..
i am getting 3 wisdom teeth s right upper and lower left have erupted i can visibly see them and in  lower right the gum has turned blackish in color and i can feel pain when i press the gum and there are no symptoms in upper left.

i am really tensed about all these things the fear that is  killing me is i might have got hiv from the sexual encouter  i came across. i dint get fever,diarrhea,rash,sore throat as to the best of my knowledge .please help me by giving me suggestions wether i might have got hiv and do i take a test of hiv which i really dont have guts please help me sir,
thanking you from the bottom of my heart,

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The symptoms of HIV match that of many other diseases too. However because of your history, I strongly recommend you take the HIV test, which is just a routine test. You have to be strong as it’s a serious matter. Please do not delay. Once the results are out at least you know where you stand. Endless speculation can be very un-nerving.
Please let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted.
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The things what i have described are of any symptoms of hiv infection please let me know
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“The symptoms of HIV and AIDS vary, depending on the phase of infection.
Early infection
When first infected with HIV, you may have no signs or symptoms at all, although it's more common to develop a brief flu-like illness two to four weeks after becoming infected. Signs and symptoms may include:
 Fever
 Headache
 Sore throat
 Swollen lymph glands
 Rash
Even if you don't have symptoms, you're still able to transmit the virus to others. Once the virus enters your body, your own immune system also comes under attack. The virus multiplies in your lymph nodes and slowly begins to destroy your helper T cells (CD4 lymphocytes) — the white blood cells that coordinate your entire immune system.
Later infection
You may remain symptom-free for eight or nine years or more. But as the virus continues to multiply and destroy immune cells, you may develop mild infections or chronic symptoms such as:
 Swollen lymph nodes — often one of the first signs of HIV infection
 Diarrhea
 Weight loss
 Fever
 Cough and shortness of breath”
Your blood tests point to mild anemia and hence your doctor gave you iron. Maybe a multivitamin supplement should be added to take care of the mouth ulcer.
Mouth ulcers can be caused due to many problems.
“There are many processes which can lead to ulceration of the oral tissues. In some cases they are caused by an overreaction by the body's own immune system.
Factors that appear to provoke mouth ulcers include stress, fatigue, illness, injury from accidental biting, hormonal changes, menstruation, sudden weight loss, food allergies and deficiencies in vitamin B12, iron and folic acid.”
It is too early to say whether you have HIV infection, as you can remain symptom free for years. However you could be a carrier. Hence it is very important that you take the test. I would suggest take the complete STD panel.
The mouth lesion along with the swollen gland could also be due to canker sores. “Canker sores are shallow, painful sores in the mouth. They are usually red or may sometimes have a white coating over them. You might get them on the inside of your lips, the insides of your cheeks, the base of your gums or under your tongue.”
Please let me know if there is any thing else. Please keep me posted.

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hi doctor nee,
thanks for the reply,i would like to describe in detail about my condition.the thing i developed on my lower gum just down to left canine a hard thing which i can feel through tongue and by my hands when i feel by my tongue it feels like i am feeling on the tip of a teeth i mean i can understand is a bone projection or a teeth coming under teeth and i have seen canker sores it is not like that and canker sores are painful right in my case  i don't feel any pain even when i press with my finger on it or press through tongue . and the thing i got growth on my back of the tongue are in v shape  no discoloration same as tongue color  and i think they are (Circum) vallate papillae which are taste buds and have surfed on the internet that its common in people have those at the back of the tongue they are not painful nor sore   and in one thing i am sure that is i felt swollen gland on the right  side under jaw first and after few weeks again on left . the things i am really worried about are i am developing more acidity  like more burps,sounds of bowel movement literally which i can hear them from from abdomen.the thing is i am in uk and i cannot take xrays and ct scans on my own like how you can take in india .
please help me i am really worried off.
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Hi Aamir,
You didn't have a risk of HIV infection from the events you describe. Not a chance. No one to date has been infected from receiving oral in the 40 + years of the pandemic (closer 100 according to recent extrapolations from mutations studies) and that includes from people with poor oral hygeine.
There are several large scale epidemiological studies with serodiscordant couples (one is poz one is neg) which corroborate this.

Your symptoms at 4 days are too early for HIV Acute Retroviral Syndrome. Symptoms are unreliable indicators in who has or hasn't been infected and your's don't sound anything like ARS

Full blood counts say nothing either way about HIV infection

Sure, go and get yourself an HIV test to resolve your HIV anxieties but you don't need one for this sexcapade. Anyone sexually active is recommended to have an HIV and STI screen regularly, say annually or more frequent depending on the number of partners and risks taken.

Now stop poking at your lymphatic system to find nodes. Lymphadenopathy can only be diagnosed by a Doctor. CLinicians find that the vast majority of patients in their clinics don;t have swollen nodes at all they are from patients poking and prodding at them. Lymphadenopathy in Acute HIV is systemic and almost never without fever.

See a dentist for your teething troubles (which are probably the cause of apparent node inflammation as is poking about at abcesses with your tongue)
Stop self diagnosing (Circum vallate papillae ...what on earth ), as they say it takes an idiot patient and a stupid Doctor.

And stop worrying you'll give yourself an ulcer! ;-)
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I understand your concerns and as I have been saying, it is too early to comment. In all probability you do not have AIDS nor are the carrier. However you must take the test for STD including HIV for your own safety, especially if you have multiple partners (including sex workers).

I agree the medical system is different in different countries, but you must see a dentist for your oral problems and a physician too. Swollen glands in the neck area and under the jaw line are usually due to a problem in the mouth.

Symptoms like ‘more burps, sounds of bowel movement literally which i can hear them from abdomen’ could be due to acidity. Have you taken antacids? Again it is a problem which your physician can solve. Please do not link all your problems to HIV infection.

I have been copy pasting relevant information for you to read and alleviate your fears. You can see for yourself that you hardly have any symptoms that point to HIV. I am only cautioning you to take the tests for STD for your own safety. It is a routine test for all sexually active especially with multiple partners or with partners who are at risk of transmitting the disease (like sex workers).

HIV transmission is less common through oral route, but not impossible. Please take a look at this link: http://aids.about.com/cs/safesex/a/oralsex.htm

Again the link is for your information, so that you are more careful in future. It is not a substitute for clinical examination by your physician or dentist. Please see both and put an end to your fears. Get the STD panel done, in all probability your physician will order one after hearing you out.

There is no point in stressing yourself out when all you need to do is step into a doctor’s clinic.

Relax, think positive, don’t stamp yourself as a HIV patient or carrier when you cannot be sure you are, go to your doctor/dentist, take your test and be a free bird!

Please keep me posted.

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