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pinched nerve? or something worse?

Today I woke up with my left hand tingling and numb and moments of shooting shocks. This has happened a few times before, so I thought it would go away. As the day progressed, it moved up my arm, then to my right arm then my toes and feet, then my legs, and just now, my face. In addition, I am getting black splotches in my eyes and I feel like I am going to pass out. I have never had this problem before, but my family has a history of back trouble and disk trouble. I am a 20 year old female, overweight, but otherwise pretty healthy. I would love to know if this displays the symptoms of a pinched nerve, or a clot, or something else. Thanks.
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I would say yes it is a pinched nerve if not something more serious since it has progressed this fast through your body. If it has gotten worse like this within a matter of a day..to the point you feel you may black out (& it has happened before...Id think it could be something more..maybe a lack of blood supply (or oxygen) to these body parts and possibly the places in your eyes. I would not let this go on for to long. Esp if by tomorrow you are still "numb feeling" and also have the feeling of passing out I would go to a doc asap. Our bodies react fast like this to something serious and tries to get our attention before it can no longer cope with the stress of what ever may be going on inside. Plse let me know how it turns out. If it wasnt for the rapid progression and the feeling of passing out it would probably only be a pinched nerve near the spine I would think.
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With a hand that goes numb and tingling is usually compression of the carpal tunnel.  Do you do any repetitive work or use a computer for long periods at a time?   That can cause muscular skeletal problems.

But as you have experienced other shooting pains in other parts of the body, it may be compression of nerves along the spinal column, or neuralgic pain.

The other possibility as you seeing black splotches and feel like passing out is likely to be the fact that you are anaemic.

I would advise a visit to the doctor to get checked out regarding your symptoms so that he can give you the correct diagnosis and take blood tests for blood disorders (anaemia).

Best wishes

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Thanks so much for the help. Today I have experienced some alleviation of the symptoms, and it is only in my arms. I will probably end up going to a doctor about it, though. Thanks so much.
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I think going to the doctor about this is a very good idea,  Quarrydust.  

The black splotches sound like migraine aura symptoms,  but you don't say you had a severe headache.  

This warrants a doctor visit.  

Best wishes.
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