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please could u help

hi there i have never been dyagnosed with adhd but not that i have got it because i am all ways hyper never sit still for long my attention span is rubbish and i could do with some help on how can i keep calm and not get easerly wound up or stressed and also how can i be able to sit still long enough with out being a fidget and i have had adhd cince i was yong i am now 25 and never been dyegnosed but it has got to be adhd because of all the things that i do and how i am and act so please any ansers that help would be greatfull thank u
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I think you are just very smart with lots of energy and need to be stimulated by keeping active, doing lots of exercise and challenging your mind. Go get Ph.D. or focus on something you are really interested in and dive in. If you start jogging 4-6 miles a day or swim you won't be so hyper. Don't start all at once. I think you have to start on something you love and dig in. You can try meditation for a few minutes at a time. If you don't like that try something else. Every one I know like you is very smart and has become something and though they were just bored or couldn't concentrate.  t think you don't need drugs you need exercise and mental stimulation. What do you think!
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what is ph.d please and yh i am quite active and yh i do do some running and swimming and also i try and go for walks but i would do anythink yh i like your ideas but what sort of mental stimulstion things would i need to do and could u please let me no and also let me no what this ph.d is thank u for your comment and advice mkh9
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Ph.D is a doctoral degree in college. So you have to find something you really love and dive into it. You first get a bachelors degree then some Ph.D's require a masters degree and others you can go straight to the doctoral degree. So, start thinking of what you would be really good at and what you love and maybe could do  a job at too and maybe sometimes when you graduate you can also do research on something interesting. It can be in science or in psychology or anything you find interesting. Mental stimulation can be a lot of things. Reading, writing, learning how to write a novel, or a language. They have books on brain games just look up brain games on line. Also they have puzzles, like Sudoku and crosswords. All kinds of things. I got a book called the Brainpower Game Plan by Cynthia R. Green, Ph.D. It helps you concentrate and clears brain fog and boosts memory. You can repeat the games and tests in the book and you get better.
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p.s the path to a Ph.D. may be slightly different in the U.K. than in the U.S. but they do have the same degree and same studies and fields to go into. The book I mentioned you can get on amazon.com
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Here is a link to test your short term memory. As you keep taking the test you will get better. It is a frustrating test . If you get the book you will find the association tests they teach you will help you get better at this. I got a 3 on it the first time then I tried associating things that were all grey or how many and the types of animals, or types of fruit or details in the coins etc. You will see when you take the test.


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i only got to level 3 and flip me that gets heard that i will say but i will keep playing it and giving it a go eatch day but thats going to take alot of getting use to and thank u and if u have any other ideas that may help i be more then greatfull to hear them mkh9 thank u again
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