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please help me understand my blood results? I'm a little confused!

Hello :). Does anyone think my blood results from the last 3 years are abnormal/normal? In 2013 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but since january I have been spotting brown period blood and 3 weeks ago I had a 3 day brown period with severe lower back pain. Also there is blood in my urine, apparently my kidneys are fine, I have no uti or sexual transmitted diseases! my lumbar x ray came back fine and I am not pregnant.i'm going for an ultra sound in december and my next cervical smear test is in november.

White Blood Count-(2015-8.7)- (2014-11.0)-(2013-11.1)

Haemoglobin        -(2015-136)- (2014-140)- (2013-141)

  Platelet  count           - (2015-350)- (2014-331)-  (2013-323)

Red Blood count - (2015-4.77)-(2014-5.06)- (2013-4.92)

Haematocrit       -(2015-0.40)-(2014-0.42)-(2013-0.419)

Mean cell volume-(2015-84)-(2014-84)- (2013-82.1)

Mean cell haemoglobin -(2015-28.5)-(2014-27.7)-(2013-28.0)

Red cell distribution width-(2015-13.8)-(2014-13.8) (2013-not on my doctors notes?)

Neutrophil count-  (2015-4.3)-(2014-7.2)-(2013-5.7)

Lymphocyte- (2015-2.4)-(2014-2.4)-(2013-2.9)


Eosinophil count-(2015-0.9)-(2014-0.8)-(2013-0.6)


Eosinophil count- (2015-0.9)-(2014-0.5) (2013-0.7)

C-reactive protein- (2015-5 mg)-(2014-0.2 mg) (2013-5.7-mg)

Thank you for reading, I would appreciate any adive or information. I feel like giveing up, I feel I've done all I can and I'm desprate for answers! I feel so ill at the moment, which scares me because 2013 I was extremely ill.

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Also I have brown discharge and funny feels in my tummy!hooe someone answers this....... :o) xxx
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