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popping blood vessles on my fingers for no reason???

I am thirteen years old. I resently just returned from a visit to my doctor because my blood vessles have popped three times this week. the first time it happend i was sitting at lunch doing nothing when i broke down in tears because the pain was horrific. i showed my bf and he said that i need to see the nurse who claimed i must have hit it on something to make it pop. well no i did not. i have low blood pressure and a heart murmur. idk if either of those will help me with this problem. the doctor said it is just bad luck that it happend 3 times in four days. i think not. someone please help me. green and purple bruses on my swollen fingers are not attractive. popping blood vessles for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!
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My first question is, what medications are you on?

Ask the doctor to perform a blood clotting test. This is usually what the call a ptt test, and it doesn't hurt very much. They craw a few droplets of blood into a very thin tube.

There may be a problem with fragility of the blood vessels, or a simple vitamin-K deficiency. Vitamin K is necessary to clot the blood. Sometimes people on odd diets have this deficiency. But don't take any without consulting your doctor.

First of all - cheer up. This isn't as serious as it sounds.

The problem is to get your physician to pay attention to you. It's hard. They don't pay attention to adults on many occasions.

Do not hesitate to go for another visit and ask for another physician.

I want you to tell your mom that she shouldn't let this drop.

I want you to post back when you see the doctor again.

If you see the school nurse, tell her that you hear the local transit authority is hiring bus cleaners. She should look into taking the test.  I am disappointed she did not take you seriously.

I believe you, for what it's worth.
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Allergic or contact dermatitis causing a bruised look, low Vit K, rheumatoid arthritis, birth control pills, low platelets, fragile spider veins etc could be the cause of the patches.
I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind. Take care!
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to answer some of ur alls questions i am not on any medication. not even advil.
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