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possible breast lump

My Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer just over a week ago after finding a small lump in hone of her breasts just before Christmas and is due to have a lumpectomy/possible mastectomy on the 1st Feb which will then be followed by radiation treatment every day for 3 weeks.
My Mum went to see her GP last week about getting her HRT tablets and whilst she was she there mentioned to the Dr that she thought she'd found a small lump.The Dr checked her over but couldn't be sure if it was breast muscle she was feeling or whether it was a lump so now Mum's got to go to the Hospital for tests on Friday.
I'ved used crutches to help me walk for the last 6 years and I found out that I have over development of my breast muscles at the beginning of last year which my GP said had been caused by using the crutches.
The thing is I'm sure when I checked myself on Thursday that there is something in my right breast roughly about 2/3cms and it's tender over the area aswell.I still wonder if it's likely to be the muscle but I can actually get hold of it,pull it up and see it through the skin.Do you think this sounds like it's a definate lump cos to be honest I haven't got a clue.
thanks kaz
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its hard to say if your lump is muscle or not but based on your family history, and the fact cancer has a genetic component to it, I would HIGHLY recommend you get it re-examined by your doctor.  A mammogram and ultrasound are both painless and will give a lot of information of the nature of the lump - you should insist on having these tests done as its better to be absolutely safe in this case.
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Also, if you can "grab" the lump and move it about, it doesnt sound like muscle.
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