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pregnant with gallstones

i am 24 weeks pregnant with my 5th child and was hospitalised twice in the last month for a week each time, i was suffering chronic pain in my sides,vomiting,headache, which was put down to kidney infection, when i was scanned they discovered 3 gallstones,the doctors report also states that the wall is thin around the gallbladder,they said it was to risky to operate as i was only 19 weeks at the time,but thats all i was told ,i would like some reasurance and info as to what these thing are and will they affect my pregnancy?,and am i or my baby in any danger? and at what point if any will they be removed?
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My friend Holly had this problem through 2 pregnancies, and it did not affect either one. However, they did not discover the problem until she had given birth the second time. So, for some years before that, she suffered miserably, not knowing what the problem was at all. They took out her gallbladder while she was still in the hospital after her second birth with a C-section. She said her digestion was screwed up for awhile and she still can't eat a lot of things without distress. I know a number of other people though who seemed to be fine after gallbladder removal.

I suppose it would not cause any health danger unless it gets infected, or ruptures, which is not too likely.

Plus, a lot of people opt for other treatments. I think surgery and the yanking out of an organ, even a teeny one, is kind of radical. I don't care if the surgery is "easy" and quick. I personally would not have mine out unless it was a danger to me. I'd rather take an alternative route to resolution of the problem.
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i've heard of women having ovarian cysts and fibroids removed during their second trimester, so i can't imaging removing a gallbladder would be any worse.  just scary.  hopefully you won't have to do anything until after delivery :)
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I had my gall bladder removed when I was 21yo.  I suffered many 'attacks' and was hospitalised 3 times in extreme pain before I finally saw a specialist who confirmed gall stones.  I had the operation to have it removed almost immediately and spent 3 days in hospital.  Although it was a little painful, I am sure your 5 childrens births have probably been a lot worse!!

There were a couple of foods that didn't agree with me afterwards, but 5 years on there is nothing I can't eat.  Although the surgery might sound extreme to some, to me I couldn't bear the thought of not knowing when my next attack would be and it impacting on my life.  I would thoroughly recommend having it out.

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I am six weeks pregnant and I just discovered I have 7 gallstones and 3 attacks in a 2 weeks.  Please help me understand what i can eat.  I was told from the emergency doctor that i could only eat fruits and veg. with some starches.  No meat, dairy, or surgars.  Help what can i eat?
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Hello new mommies to be!
Gallstones can be trouble, or no trouble...I had them for 16 years and did all kinds of things to live with them and minimize attacks...I finally had the gall bladder out a few months ago because it was messing with my liver functions...The things I did to hold attacks at bay...I used papaya enzymes with every meal...(Known as papain, chewable tabs that didn't taste too bad..) These are very safe and nontoxic in any amount...There are now "super enzymes" available which are also chewable (helps wonderfully with heartburn too!)...Crystallized ginger...I avoided things that were really greasy, fried chicken with the skin on, bacon, and only ate fries in tiny amounts...citrus helped break up food fat as well but aggravated heartburn...Although, grapefruit juice seemed well tolerated...Lean meat (eg. baked chicken, no skin, rolled in plain yogurt and crushed potato chips; turkey, lean beef, etc...) Fiber helps absorb food fats too and makes it easier for your tummy to process...Just play it by ear...You know what foods you have problems digesting (anything that causes pain and that bloated feeling)...Remember to drink lots of water, and ingest healthy fats that are found in foods like avocados and nuts...Cook with cold pressed oils...Hope this helps!
The thing that is going to help most is to aid your digestive process...Use digestive enzymes...Listen to your body...This is no guarantee that you won't still have problems, but, maybe it'll work well enough so you may wait until after your babies are born to have the gallbladder removed...Good luck!
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