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prolonged tiredness

hi ive been suffering with tiredness for the last two years,ever sinse i had my baby.for the first few months after child birth i was fine, then i got some sorter virus witch realy knocked me back to the point i was in hospital(they never diagnosed with a virus in hospital,but i found out later it was) they didnt realy do any thing for me in hospital.so for the next good few months i lived with the symptoms,headaches apon waking(somrtimes lasting the whole day)aches and pains in my joints,extreme fatigue,and very foggy thinking,but slowly i started to get a little better.then last september i got the virus again,went to doctors and he confirmed it,i had all the same symptoms.sinse then ive got this virus around 10 time lasting from one day to two weeks and feeling very tired in between, especialy around menstration.ive been to loads of alternative people for help , one was an blood analasis a month ago,she put me on a wheat,suger ,dairy free and suplements health plan.Im realy wrecked most days witch is hard with an active two year old.before my boy was born i was very healthy and rarely got sick.hope someone  can help
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Have you asked your doctor about testing you for the Epstein Barr Virus?  It sounds like that is what you have, active in your body, it will cause all those symptoms? Have you had a complete blood workup? Did the wheat, sugar and dairy free help?  
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hi no never asked my doctor about the epstein barr virus,i will thanks,the wheat and dairy free diet seemed to be working quite well,then i might have one badish night sleep or sometimes noreason and ied be struck down with all the symptoms again..thanks for you help
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Have you had your hormones checked?  Have you had your blood iron and ferritin checked?  
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Hi im on a waiting list to see someone about my hormones,say it could deffently be a factor as my energy goes way down around menstration,and would sometime get fluey symptoms and be sick for a while after. Ihave had loads of bllods checked all came back ok....
never had ferritin checked. thanks for you in put
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Let us know what happens with your next appts and testing!! I hope they find out what is causing it soon. It can be so frustrating to wait.
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Hi went to doctors friday,he  is sending me to the hospital as an out patient for more tests,he also gave me details of an immune specilist to go to.....so its up to me from on...
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Did he order blood iron, ferritin and TIBC (total iron binding capacity) and hormonal levels to be done at the hospital?  Extreme fatigue and being especially tired around menstruation could have to do with low iron, even if you had a CBC and it came out normal.

Also, headaches upon waking and extreme fatigue can also be caused by sleep apnea, because when you stop breathing enough, the lack of oxygen does a number on you- have you had the sleep apnea test?  

Headaches upon waking can also have to do with teeth clenching or grinding & neck position.  Do you tend to clench or grind your teeth?  If so, you might check with a dentist specializing in TMJ or a maxillofacial specialist who does night guards and flat planed stabilization splints to see if one is right for you.  My flat planed splint is a real blessing in regards to my migraines.  

Neck position- not having too much height of pillows under your head and having your head at that awkward angle can make a difference too.  I use a select comfort memory foam pillow while on my side and no pillow generally when on my back (car accident years ago caused severely sprained neck, which has never really been the same).
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Surgimenopause has some great advice for you. I can't really add more to it but do know that I am thinking of you and let us know what the hospital tests show!
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thank you all for all your input ill keep you up dated
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