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sensitive scalp, sore throat and ear ache

For the past week I''ve had a tingling, sensitive sensation in my scalp - right side, along with a sore throat on right side, and an occasional earache.  Any idea what it could be or if you had the same symptoms and solved the problem.  Dr. thought it was a cold, which it apparently wasn't.  Dermatologist didn't know what could cause it and suggested a neurologist.  I wonder if thyroid would cause the senitive scalp, or a muscle strain would refer to my ear and throat, or even a sinus or throat infection..  Tylenol helps take the edge off.  Thanks.  
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Thanks for writing to the forum!
Trigeminal neuralgia is one possibility.
Sinusitis involving the frontal and maxillary sinus can cause facial sensitivity and pain on pressing above these sinuses. You need to get the X-rays of the sinuses along with probably a CT scan. This along with sore throat can cause eustachean tube block and hence pain in the ear. Try taking steam and doing the valsalva maneuver (Done by taking a deep breath and blowing while pinching your nostrils and closing your mouth). If still the symptoms persist then pls consult an ENT doctor and get the above stated possibilities ruled out. Treatment will depend on the diagnosis.

Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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I have had the exact same combo of symptoms, also on the right side. I suspected a neurological issue but after a week, the tingling has subsided and I just have a sore throat and ear pain. Weird!  I have also had some facial pain/sensitivity, have you?
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