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severe lip swelling especially after sleeping


Please read on till end I have written such long description to include every detail that might be helpfull in identification of cause.

I have been having my lips swollen whenever I wake up from sleep from past 7 days. They are swollen, red, itchy and chapped. They are itchy on borders and are sticky as well when I wash them, although after washing they are softened but are still swollen and itchy. I use vaseline at night but I feel it just melts off as I feel watery stuff around lips when I am sleeping.

I have been taking psyllium husk from past 15 days after doing mangnesium sulphate detox. I experienced itchy and little bumps 11 days ago for which I used corticosteroid and bumps were cleared after 3 days from then I used hamdard safi for constipation, I was suffering from constipation even after using husk, maybe coz I ate pizza 2 days in row. With safi I took more than 2 tbs ie more than 10ml more like 20 ml and it helped withing 2 hrs for constipation as I got diarrhea sort of thing. And I don't know if it is a coincidence or what but I got swollen lips condition after a day. I didn't know and still not sure if it was because of safi but after 2 days I took safi for constipation again. The swelling is not coming down since it first came and chapping of lips is getting worse day by day.

Could safi be poisonous to me...I don't know what is causing this condition on my lips. The bumps on and around esp on border of lips surfaced last year as well and I was perscribed corticosteroid. The period that I have mention here I had been taking vit b12 and ate few threptin buiscuits as well.

PLEASE HELP. I will be sincerely thankful to you.  
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I've had the same reaction to different types of lip balms & lip glosses. It started with Nivea repair & protection lipbalm. I use to apply it everyday & then a few days later my lips got dry itchy & red bumps formed on them which produced water sometimes. Then I tried Vaseline jelly but the same thing happened eventhough I had used Vaseline before. The doctor told me that my lips have become "over sensitive". Maybelline babylips also gave me the same reaction & its treatment went on for more than a month. Then my doctor advised me to use Nivea Creme (which comes in a tiny blue container) & it works good for me. I apply it before going to bed.
I think you should try using just coconut oil, olive oil or butter or even milk cream. Just dont apply a thick layer. Just a drop or two will be enough. And dont apply it more than twice a day. You can try Nivea Creme after the morning swelling stops.
I use to take Safi for pimples but it didn't cause any problems for me.
Let me know if this helps. Take care.
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Thanks Dear, That's very useful information, I will definitely try it :)
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