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severe pressure and heartburn

Recently i have been getting this unbearable pressure in my nose and behind my eyes. It even travels to my ears sometimes. Today i felt dizzy and faint. I thought i could be my sinuses that is causing this but the condition seems way worst than just sinuses. Everytime i snort, cough, or inhale, i get this weird feeling in my head sort of like a release or a wave. Idk what that is.... but its scaring me. I have also been geeting really bad heart burn i believe, or what could be a severe burning sensation in my chest. My breathing has also changed in the past month and it seems that i struggle to breath. My doctors say i suffer from anxiety but i think its something else. Any ideas??
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It could be a sinus infection that needs antibiotic or it could be some flu virus that attacts your sinusses.  *** for the breathing you could have a back drop that has gone to your lungs and caused a bit of an infection in your lungs.  A back drop is usually caused by some kind of allergie!  Good luck!
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?Post nasal drip.  ?A secondary chest infection.

Heartburn/ gerd.  That can also affect breathing.

Migraine brought on by stress and anxiety.  ??

An iron deficiency or anemia can also affect breathing.  That generally has fatigue associated with it though and you didn't mention feeling tired.

I saw someone once write that if you take a med for anxiety and the symptoms go away then you know that it was anxiety.
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Try asking your doctor if you can be put on a prescription for allergies such as Loratadine. This will help keep the fluid out from behind your nose and eyes. The fluid wave that you feel is most likely an irritation of your sinuses without the infection caused by an allergy, probable to something outside or something unseen like hidden mold. I know this because my sister has the same problem and she is on an allergy medication which took care of almost all her symptoms after just a couple of weeks. She is waaaay improved! When you don't have so many head symptoms, the breathing problem will probably calm down. The heartburn is probably from the drainage of your sinuses down into your stomach. You may not even notice draining down the back of your throat, but it is probably there! Good luck!
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