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should I be concerned

My son went to science camp in the woods in April. Approx. 3 weeks later he began complaining of a sore throat was bad legs and back pain. After a coouple of days he developed very high fevers and vomiting. after the second day of his fever now unable to control without meds I took him to see his doctor. He said he had a virus but his throat was very red due to post-nasal drip, and the high fevers so he placed him on antibiotics. Afte 48 hrs and still his fever not subsiding I called the doctor and he asked me to bring him in again (day 4 in the AM) my son woke up feeling much better he said and no more fever. The same evening he started complaining of sever pain througout his lowere extremities so we decided to take him to see his doctor in the moring. The next morning (day 5) he woke up with a massive rash all over his body. It was lifted, red, and welt like. It was not dry or scally nor was there any discharge. He is up to date with all vaccines but the Dr. diagnosed him with Rubella like virus. My son was sick for almost 10 dys, lost 7 pounds and still complains of leg pain. This weekend the symptoms began once again. the severe lower extremities pain, to the point that it hurts him to walk and his lower back is hurting now too. His temperature is slowing rising (low grade fever) for almost two days now. Someone mentioned Lymmes disease could that be it. I am very concerned! My son is 11yrs old and was a premature secondary to me having Toximia during pregnancy, he got RSV at 6 months and was always helthy since until the last 3-4 months.
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It is important that blood tests are run and typhoid, measles, Dengue fever, viral hemorrhagic fevers are ruled out. It could also be Lyme’s disease. Hence it is important to get complete blood count, urine examination, test for typhoid, dengue and Lyme’s. Please take your son to a pediatrician or ER ASAP for these tests.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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Sounds like H1N1, Strep (which can cause rash and muscle aches) or good, olf fashioned Lyme Disease.

Go to the ER- strip him down and have every millimeter examined for ticks or the bulls-eye rash (including hair, inner ears, buttocks, etc.)
Doxycycline-class antibiotics can stave off autoimmune problems pretty well in Lyme Disease if treatment is started quickly.
Don't pass GO- take hom to the ER or to an urgent care clinic- or to the Doc in the am---you have time to prevent disaster-
Praying for him (and you)- and know he will be well and bounce right back xoxoxo
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It's funny you mentioned camp because the first thing I thought of was a bite of some sort.  I don't know where you are from or what diseases are there, and I don't know the symptoms of Lyme Disease or Rocky Mtn. tick fever, but I would certainly mention that your son got sick right after going to camp in the woods.

Maybe someone on this forum that knows about these diseases and their symptoms can give you more detail, but I certainly think it's a factor in your sons illness.

Good luck.
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