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sick of being fobed off by drs.

please can anyone hel.
for iover a yr now i have been having tests to see if i have anything wrong with my bowels.i was having trouble going to the toilet,and when i had eaten something it would'nt settle on my stomach,just came back up.also my left arm keeps going numb and my fingertips are tingling.my gp said that my arm was nothing.
my endoscopy and other  xrays have come back fine.but over tthe past 45 months it has been getting worse.this sounds so horrible but it's the only way i can discibe it.i have to put on gloves and put my hand up when i gp to the toliet (if you know what i mean) i'm not constipated and my stool is not solid.the numbness in my arm has been cming and going and feels like it is getting worse.also my vision keeps going blurred i have bad eye sight anway,but i dont think it is my eye condition causing it.i am still sick after food,not all the time as i have a gluten free diet,but it has'nt stopped the problems.i am constantly tired and have weird pains in my stomach.this is taking over my life and i cant go out as i spend all the time on the toilet if iam not being sick after my food  it is running straight through me.also i have discomfort in my throat it is not sore but is uncomfortable when i swallow,and i am itching on my arma and legs,and come out in brusies or red blister type things on my legs for no reason.i also have blood in my stool.
please can someoe help.
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i forgot to add that i keep losing weight and my heart keeps skipping beats and go lightheaded and forgetful. i am 34 yr old woman,i dont smoke or drink and dont eat junk.
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It sounds like you may want to rule out some food allergies but there is also a very rare syndrome that can literally take away a person's life. I'm not sure about numbness, but the main symptom of this syndrome is chronic diarrhea. I just checked on google and the name of the syndrome is "Habba Syndrome". The good news is, there is a treatment for this syndrome. I would consider talking to a gastroenterologist and ruling out this condition and talk to your Immunolgist or PCP about food allergies.

Good luck !
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i am being refered to a nurolagist.been asked if anyone in my family has ms,and they want to chwck for lymphoma or something.i am also feeling very spaced out and cant get warm,although my body is warm.
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cookie,  MS sounds like a very strong possibility to me.  

There are lots of new treatments - and with your age (teenagers and very young adults tend to be hit harder if diagnosed then) and the apparent slow progression,  you have every reason to hope that if it IS MS,  treatment will be helpful.
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Hi, you're having a dreadful time and must be very worried but really don't think all your symptons are consistent with M.S. I'm not an expert but a friend & work colleague has suffered from M.S. for many years and some of your symptons match but not the majority of them. It could be numerous conditions, have they checked you for Crohn's disease? I really hope they can discover what's causing you all this pain, discomfort & worry. Good luck.
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i had a endoscopy last october and they forgot to send for me for the results at the hospital untill yesterday and are saying there is nothing found in the tests so it must be something causing my bowel to be like this.but my health has got worse since new year so surely if the tests were fine in october  should'nt they repeat them nearly 7 months later?something could have developed since last october could'nt it or am i wrong???
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please note that in my question it should say 4/5 months not 45 months dont kno if i can edit it.
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Do you think a lot of your symptons could be stress related? Stress can cause such symptons and it's a vicious circle because you're having all these awful symptons and then you worry more and on and on it goes.
I'm suffering all sorts of horrible problems and I know it's not my imagination but all my medical tests so far have come back negative. Somehow it makes things even worse because you know how rough you feel but nothing shows up and you still don't know what's causing it. If I knew what was causing my problems I'd be able to cope better.
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i wish it was stress related,at least then i would know what it is and how to treat it.but i know it's not.and my dr has admitted that he does'nt think it is related to stress.i thought at one point that it was a kidney infection,as i get this pain in my lower back,that just comes out of nowhere every now and then.it is actually telling them about the numbness and tingling in my arm and fingers,and the pain in my back,that he is doing more about it.(i hope).but my skin is irritating me so much, on my face arms and legs and neck i try not to scratch it,but when i do i feel as though i am not getting to it.as though it is deeper inside.
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While I am not a doctor, I have also experienced many of the same symptoms that you have.  Since the scoping was "normal", then they also need to check you for Zollinger-Ellison disease, gall bladder dysfunction, and pancreas problems.  If you have not had an upper endoscopy, then this should also be checked.  I had surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism, but problems have not resolved.  A few of the tests that they have ordered for me include: parathyroid hormone levels, serum and urine calcium levels, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, ionized calcium, magnesium, thyroid panel, etc.  Problems with calcium can cause the numbness and tingling, which I also have.  My daughter is 5 years younger than you and she also is developing the same symptoms as I have.  Some of my doctors think this may be genetic and have ordered blood tests for multiple endocrine neoplasia and some other stuff.  If you have chronic bouts of diarrhea, then ask your doctor to prescribe Bentyl, which helps me to control the diarrhea.  I also have problems with constipation and have to do the same thing that you do to rid my bowels.  You could also have a rectocele and/or cystocele which would contribute to your bowel problems.  They may also need to check for Hirschsprung's disease, which hinders your bowel from working properly.  Pain in your back may be due to kidney stones, cysts, infection, etc.  If you have not been referred to a major medical/research facility, then you need to call and request an appointment with an internist, as the doctor needs to start the correct testing for diagnosis and referral to these other specialists.  This is only the beginning, as you may need a referral to several specialists: endocrinologist, nephrologist, gastroentrologist, etc.  Good luck!
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thankyou so much for all the info i have'nt been tested for any of this except i was at my gp this morning to see about the itching and they wont give me anything they are running some blood tests that will come back normal,as they seem to of in the past.and she checked my reflexes which seem to be ok.i am going to print this off and have a good look at it.
thanks once again.
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I am so sorry you are having so many problems.  The only suggestion I have is to have yourself tested for carpal tunnel on your left arm.  I had to have a surgery on my right hand and elbow, and they considered going all the way to my shoulder.  My arm was constantly either hurting, tingling, or 'going to sleep', and I had started losing my strength in my hand and wrist.  As for your other symptoms I have no clue, but I saw something similar on Mystery Diagnosis last week, I am sorry, I don't remember what the diagnosis ended up being.  Good luck, msdlp1
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well i am at a dead end now as my gp has said he is not happy that i have been dismissed from the bowel specailist and been refered to the nurologist.said he would find out why they have done this and get back to me on the same day,and i am still waiting will be 2 weeks this week.i have also have a lump on the side of my leg,have had it for over a month i know i have'nt banged myself and it is growing.symptoms no better.just feel tired all the time.
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Have you been tested for Crohn's Disease? and Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
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I don't know about some of the symptoms you have with the arm and lumps,etc..but some of the symptoms sounds like Crohn's to me also.I have a friend that has it and she has MANY of these same things going on.Crohn's seems to destroy your immune system which fights off other illnesses.She has no immune system left and therefore her body is just "all to pieces".She is 5'7" and went from about 140 to 98 lbs.in about 6 months.This also led to kidney problems that she has been hospitalized for.Crohn's is basically tiny ulcers inside and they can go from the throat all the way down and out.It hurts and burns when she eats and she IMMEDIATELY has to go to the bathroom.She has taken steroids which helps for a while.She also has been to many ,many Docs and been dismissed only to find out that they were wrong.She went 9 months complaining that there was something wrong and they told her she was OK but she persisted and she is doing better now.There is no cure for Crohn's but they can give meds to help with the discomfort.She gets alot of info from the website Crohnsandme.com.I hope it's something that can be cured and good luck to you.
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the plot thickens i had a pregnancy test.it was positive but i have had 2 ectopics and have no tubes.have both ovaries and have'nt had any ivf ????????????/
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