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i have insomnia really bad.I have taking different anti depressant's for this.But they always cause me to gain weight.i am trying to get healthy and lose weight now.and i don't want to take them even though they do help.Any suggestions can you help.

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If you are not on the antidepressants for depression you can ask your doctor how to taper off.  You can take Benedryl at night but it dries your mouth and makes you sleepy in the morning. It works but isn't ideal. But it will get you off the antidepressants and maybe get you used to not taking a major drug. There are lots of sleeping pills but all are hard to get off of. You can take Melantonin for about two month but you are not supposed to be on it long term because it can cause problems long term. Try not to watch TV or doing any stressful activities before bed, especially any kind of computer or computer devices an hour before bed.. You might go to an integrative medicine doctor to get biofeedback to learn how to lower anxiety by proper breathing techniques, medication. Stop all caffeine, go to bed at the same time every night, and don't late. You eventually have  to  accept the fact that some nights you won't sleep but you will sleep the next night. Once you accept that it will help you mind adjust.
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I had insomnia for years and found zopiclone or night nurse (this is not what it is meant for, i wouldn't advise you to take it but drowsiness is a side effect) was the most effective but did leave me with a slight 'sleeping pill hangover' the next day.

Obviously I don't know your whole situation and if there are other reasons to take antidepressants, you should really consult a doctor before coming off them. What I found was that the insomnia was linked to anxiety/depression and that once i started working with a set routine my insomnia completely disappeared. I know it sounds corner but I found that for me a set routine and exercise really helped where medication didn't.

Good Luck
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I had major insomnia when I was severely deficient in magnesium. Check out the article: Plenty of 5-htp, Zinc, Vitamins C, B1, B3, B6 and Magnesium, will help you sleep.
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Taking a sleep aid such as Benadryl 2-3 hours before bedtime will help alleviate the morning "hangover". It will not take effect immediately in my experience, but as soon as you begin to feel drowsy, go to bed! Works for me!
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