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slurry speech, headache, speech/thoughts slow to come now

Have a 46 year old, 188 pound coworker. Came home one Friday night from a trip to Chicago & was fine that evening. Saturday and Sunday he had very slurry speech and a headcahe. Sunday it took him about two hours to wake up. At one time as he was trying, his eyes rolled back in his head.

He was given an MRI and they found high signal "something" white spots. He went to a neurologist just last week who said "come back in a month if the problems are still happening.

Now he is having trouble remembering things, and if not, the words are slow to come to him. Having a conversation with him is so heartbreaking as he slowly struggles to find the words he wants to say. Last week he was stuttering, but now it's just "slow to come".

Blood tests were done for ALL kinds of things and everything came back perfect. His wife said they had ruled out MS but I asked if he'd had other tests other then the MRI and she said "no". She said they had ruled out lymes disease also. His blood pressure is fine, he has had no weaknesses anywhere except the general fatigue/lethargicness mentioned above.

He says he's had a headache since that Saturday after Chicago trip. His wife says when his head hurts the worse, his speech seems better. He has had several head trauma's in the past but nothing recent.

He is making an appointment with another neurologist because the symptoms are SO visible and it came on so sudden. His speech reminds me of an aunt who had a stroke (except you can understand him clearly) but his searching for the words and the length of time it takes him to get something out.
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i think its tias (mini strokes)this needs tretment before a big stroke comes !!!!!!!!!!! sorry to worry you but this happend to my nan and she died becase she did not start tretment in time . please get 2nd oppinion x x
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White spots on an MRI could be due to migraines, mini strokes, lupus, hypertension, diabetes, traumas, MS and other inflammatory conditions. With his symptoms and all... it does sound like he could have had a mini stroke. I agree with marra and I would get him seen again right away.

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i agree completely with the others it sounds like a mini strokes and should be checked out before a major stroke occurs. good luck
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I had tbi recently and now i have a problem with pressure building in my ears what is the problem
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