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someone pleasehelp me

Irritable bowel , constant need to urinate and sharp pain also, constant tiredness weakness and dizziness , body tremours especially in the hands, horrible discomfort after eating and increased pulse rate after eating , underweight , unable to tell if I am hungry or not , muscle pain and other body pains, feel like I am getting a fever a lot  or like I am comin on wit something , headaches , bloated stomach , pale dry dull skin, I think I have a weak immune system, dizzyness when I move, unable to do much exercise as it makes me feel sick and dizzy, constant nausea and stomach pains, bad reaction to alcohol, travel sickness, get very pain stomach pains and get weak and shaky at the time of my period, also a feeling like I am going to collapse often or like go unconscious. constant body heavyness find it hard to like carry myself around.

These symptoms have been here for around 2 yrs or even longer but they keep getting worse.

Current medication: lustral 100 and concerta 54 been on it for just over a year

Tests I have received ; full ultra sound , barrium swallow , camera test into the stomach , urine and blood tests, mri scan (1 year ago), blood pressure , egc scan

All came back normal with only slightly low blood pressure.

Btw I am 18 Caucasian and have no previous sever illness or infections and I eat well .
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The drugs which you’re taking are used for patients who are suffering from depression/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Since, all the lab tests and procedures you have gone through clearly demonstrate that you don’t have any underlying physical disease to explain the cause of your symptoms so it lead to a diagnosis of a psychiatric ailment to be the reason behind your symptoms. I sincerely feel that after being on the drugs for such a long time if you still don’t have an improvement of the symptoms, you can seriously consider taking an opinion of another psychiatrist and maybe that helps.

There are possibilities of Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, ADHD, Depression etc in your case.

Please do keep me posted.

Kind Regards.
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