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sore throat or swollen glands

I am having pain on swallowing only on the right side of my throat, just under the jaw towards the chin. My tonsils were removed 20+ years ago. I have been on an antibiotic for 4 days now for some type of bacertial infection that showed up in a nasal swab.  My body temperature is 76.5F. I had a flu/H1N1 shot in Oct. or early Nov. Do I need to see someone over the weekend for treatment?  

P.S. I had open heart surgery in July 2010 to replace the mitral valve.
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The nasal swab was a test for nocosomial Methicillan-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, known as MRSA. It is highly contagious.

This is a very dangerous organism with a high mortality and is very difficult to treat.

Without question you need to see a physician as soon as possible.

I would suggest a trip to the emergency room.
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You probably need a change in medication and an anti inflammatory too with the antibiotic. Do warm saline gargles. Drinking sips of warm water, lemonade, soups etc also helps. Since there are swollen glands the possibility of EBV or mono too should be looked into apart from a bacterial infection. Complete the five day course of antibiotic, and follow the suggestions. If they do not help, consult a doctor. Take care!
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I forgot to mention that the nasal swab was negative for MARSA but there was some other type of bacteria. I'm taking Bactrim DS 2x daily for 10 days.
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Since you are negative for MRSA then doctornee has provided appropriate advice.

If the infection is bacterial - and not viral - there should have been remission within four days of treatment. Unfortunately bacterial infections often piggyback on viral infections.

The only suggestion I would have is to take grapefruit juice with the antibiotic, which will lengthen the half-life in the system.

I didn't mean to get you scared, but the nasal swab in hospitals is primarily for MRSA.

As doctornee suggested, you probably require a different antibiotic.
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Thank you so much. I can't take grapefruit juice because of the interaction with one of my medications.  I will go to the local clinic if I do not feel better in morning or I can see prescribing doctor on Monday?
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Grapefruit juice increases the activity of all medications, which in the case of cardiac meds, may be undesirable.

I deserve a spanking for not mentioning this.

You asked a million-dollar question.

I have had very bad experiences with local clinics, who apparently often hire help who received their medical degrees by sending in Cheerios boxtops. You also have a complex medical history and they may be reluctant to suggest another antibiotic. The best option would a third one - to contact the prescribing physician by telephone.

I am always uncomfortable about suggesting anyone put off a visit to a physician. There is no easy answer to this one.

That being said, you probably won't die if you wait another two days. If, however, the infection moves into the lungs I would go to the clinic.
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