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stomach virus with chest pain

My son was recently diagnose with an irratable bowel and told to get a colonoscopy...he is only 19. While waiting to do so he had another episode. His stomach was hurting badly and his heart as well. He had an EKG done and a few simple test and they found he has a stomach infection which they said is causing the chest pain.Until the colonoscopy we really don't know what is going on but they did say the EKG was abnormal.Please let me know if anyone is going through the same thing.My son also suffers from panick attacks and to say the least is very worried as am I.Chrones Disease is what has been my first guess after all of the research I have done.As I said if you  have any information that may help please let me know.
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If the EKG was abnormal, please immediately consult a cardiologist to rule out heart related causes. ECH, treadmill test etc may be required. Other than this H pylori infection, severe acidity, GERD etc could also be the cause. Take care!

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Even if your son is diagnosed with crohns disease I would still look into an infectious disease specialist to rule out inflammation being caused by bacteria.
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Can I ask why the doctors are doing a colonoscopy rather then a endoscopy? It he is having so much abdominal pain I would have the endoscopy first. He may have an ulcer caused by H-pylori. My husband and I have suffered for years with IBS. We recently discovered that we have lyme disease. This has caused me terrible abdominal pain, heart palpitations and an irregular heart rate. There are many things it could be. I hope they are testing his stool for parasites and a possible bacterial imbalance. If his tests don't show up with anything I would go to a disease specialist to further check into a possible bacteria problem.
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try not to panic,the worst part of a colonoscopy is the prep.have to drink a gallon of yucky stuff.the test itself is painless.will have anthisa[sp] the scope can be a life saver.
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