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swelling with pain in and back of knee

I have had weak knees since my youth.  I am far from those days now.  A month or so ago, I turned on my chair to raise up from my office desk and bumped my knee cap sharply on the drawer handle.  The pain of that contact brought immediate tears and very nearly caused me to pass out.  I was able to catch myself and focus enough to remind myself to breathe and had to reamain seated for some time.  
Since then, I have had difficulty bearing weight on that (right) knee and cannot fully flex or contract that joint at all.  I was feeling a swollen feeling behind my knee which seemed to not allow me to do this.  Now, I am noticing that my calf muscle is swollen and painful, reaching around medially and to the anterior of my shin. Is it possible fluid developed from the "bump" I experience and is now an infection?
The past few weeks, I have used Ibuprophen and Aleve to aleviate the pain, but shoud I take thereputic doses of Ibuprophen and Aleve to reduce inflammation?
I have no insurance.
I appreciate any advice or knowledge you might offer.
Thank you.
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You have either injured the knee cap or some tendons. Raise the leg, apply ice, avoid bearing weight on the leg and take an anti inflammatory for a day or two. If it does not help, you will need to consult a doctor. Take care!
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Your knee was injured that much and the results are those swelling effect and redness as well. It would be better that you visit your doctor for your concern so that effective treatment will be given to you. Taking drugs without doctors prescription might put you more at risk. Visit your doctor.
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Thank you for your response and your wisdom.  I did follow my instincts and take the anti inflammatories at regular intervals.  I also alternated between soaking in hot baths and ice packs.  While soaking I was able to gain some extension to the muscle and massaged the leg for 10 min each time.  Unfortuately, I am unable to stay off my leg completely, so I deffinately did not bear my weight while walking or standing.  I took the stairs one at a time.  Also, while sitting and sleeping, I elevated my leg. Since my first report, I have experienced great advances.  It was helpful that I remembered the cause of the pain in the first place, as it took some time for the swelling and discomfort to establish itself.  

With my recent therapy to recover my knee, I began taking some supplements such as, vitamin E, eating a banana [or two] a day for Potassium, and B-Complex, as well as Omega 3.  I have one more question, if I may.  Over the past few years, my knees grind as I climb stairs and bend, what nutrients could help the cushioning tissues become healthier?  

Thank you
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Maybe a Bakers Cyst may have formed.  If you are still having trouble with extending your knee,  have an ultrasound performed,  I did and that was one of the problems. Hope this helps. I have a long history of bad knees and inflammation, had to have the left knee replaced. :(
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