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swollen gland and ear pain

Hi.  Thanks for taking my question. I am 28 female and in good health.   I don't smoke, and exercise regularly.  This all started at the beggining of March.  I had a mild sore throat and ear pain(left side only) daily accompanied by a soreness in the back of my mouth where the jaw hinges.  I took a Zpak for the sore throat which helped a little but the ear pain remained.  I saw my dentist who noticed my lower left wisdom tooth had broken the skin.  The three others were 1/2 way out. I elected to have all the wis. teeth removed.  I had it done on 3/31 and took Penicillin 500mg for 7 days 4 X a day.  I had localized pain afterward again on the left side only.  The oral surgeoan treated it as a dry socket.  He packed it and everything felt fine for awhile but after the packing came out, the pain returned.  It is now late April and I now have a burning pain in my ear that radiates down my neck into my shoulder.  The scariest part is the gland on the left side of my neck is enlarged and I am frightened that I could have cancer.  It isn't huge and it isn't tender but my neck is sore. No other swollen glands that I can feel.  My question is if I do have some sort of an infection wouldn't the Penicillin before the oral surgery have cleared it up? Or the Zpak before that? Is there some sort of ear problem that could cause pain down my neck with a swollen gland?  I see the ENT tomorrow but have almost convinced myself I have something terrible.  Thanks in advance for any insights.
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Ludwigs angina seems to be linked to swelling on the floor of the mouth of which I have none.  The ear pain/burning and swollen gland  are my major symptoms.  No trouble breathing, no fever etc.  Are there ear infections that are resistant to "normal" anitobiotic treatments?
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Hello.  I have been having a sore throat that feels almost like I have a lump on each side of my throat. I had gone to the doctor.  He told me that I had tonsillitis. I noticed at this time that my tonsils were huge (to a point where food particles would get trapped inside of them.)  My doctor told me to gargle with salt water and to just wait and see if the symptoms will get any better. In addition to gargling, I had taken penicillin (which I got from a friend) to try to ease the symptoms; however, it only solved the problem temporarily. The tonsils decreased in size and food particles no longer got trapped inside of them. Nevertheless, my throat still aches from time to time.

I don't know what's causing this and, frankly, I'm starting to get a little scared.  I had a tooth in the very back of my mouth that previously had a root canal. The dental work was never finished, which caused the tooth to chip all the way down to my gums.  In the place where the tooth was, there is a black spot there.  I wonder if this unresolved dental problem isn't causing an infection in my throat.  Also, I am a singer. I read an article on vocal nodules.  It said that vocal nodules develop in the throat as a result of vocal strain (talking or singing too loudly/harshly.)  My doctor's appointment isn't until May 10.  I am about to pull my hair out wondering what could be wrong with me.  Could you give me some insight?


A very scared Divida
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I have had a swollen gland since dec did go to ent in jan back in march. in the beginning I als o had ear pain took antiobiotics did not help had a ct scan done on gland he said it was a little big bu not to be concerned. He told me tha I have bad sinuses which can cause a gland to swell and ear pain. started taking flonase spray at night ear pain gone but gland still swollen. he said it can stay like that for a little while. I go for a checkup again in sept. Gland seems to stay the same. So don't worry can be nothing to much.
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Hi, I have a sort of bubble expanding sensation in my right ear, its wierd and uncomfortable. My gland behind said ear is permanently swollen and at any one time can go into overdrive and swell hugely and very painfully. I often suffer with cellulitis infections, which causes the glands behind my ears, down my neck and around my upper back to swell and at times become painful. This is due to another condition I have called Ora Facial Granulomatosis. I also have a paralysed diaphragm. I have been seeing specialists for the OFG since I was seven years old and have had no real answers or reasons given why I would suffer from it, but I have bouts of severe swelling and infections. The paralysed diaphragm is more recent but I have had this investigated and again no firm answers. The same goes for the glands.

I have seen an ENT spec. no luck, had ultra sounds of diaphragm - simply confirmed the problem, ultra sound of glands behind the ears - confirmed unusually enlarged, I have had CT scans and MRIs in the past - nothing useful. 6 months ago I had CIN2 and CIN3 pre cancerous cells removed from my cervix by cold coagulation and biopsy - they are now back and I have had further biopsy's and have been told that I will most likely need treatment in theatre once the results are back.

I have had many operations, diets, treatments, tests, hospital stays for my OFG and now more recently the other problems.

I am only 26 years old and find it hard to believe that all these things are not linked somehow. I have had no real answers and feel like I am asking the same questions over and over again to no avail. It is driving me up the wall... I suffer with depression because of all of this and cannot lead a decent life - I barely managed to stay at uni and complete my degree.

My glands are painful, my mouth is painful, I get headaches daily, suffer with breathlessness and fatigue - someone somewhere surely must have some answers????

I am still under consultants etc...
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Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me - I'll try to keep this posting concise and relevant.

When I was small (5-6) my dad and I noticed large 'fatty lumps' on lateral of neck - both sides.  Dr's said that that was normal.  Left side has dissolved as I have gotten older (now I'm 23 yo) but right side lump had broken into smaller parts.  

Usual for me to get some right side neck pain and discomfort - I haven't had it for a while but last week I got this neck pain, radiating from jaw (below my right ear) to my right eye, right ear and even down to my right collar bone - but the lumps are not tender or sore and are hard.  Two lump seems to be deeper than the other one - one is really superficial and feels like what was left of my childhood fatty lump.

It feels slightly uncomfortable to swallow, and when I move my head to the right side or lean my right ear to my right shoulder the discomfort increases, I get an instant headache and at times nauseous - but without vomiting.

I have yet to see my doctor about it, when I'm focused on working (I'm a nurse) I don't realise its there, but to stop for a second and I notice it all over again.  Discomfort also radiates to front of my throat at times.  My past history is hypothyroidism (diagnosed mid 2008 - after I had my daughter), I have a healthy 13 month daughter and I have had no other problems.  I'm not overweight or overly unhealthy (69kg's at 174cm tall), breastfeeding...nothing else to tell I think.

The pain is constant, even when I'm trying to sleep.  Any information would be great, will be seeing my doctor next week and will post-up findings.
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my ear hurts severely off and no for a few days. i had put paroxide in my ear a week ago and it started hurting the next day. it went away after a few days. it was all good for three days then i used a q-tip like always.and the next day it hurt bad and worse sence It is the second day and the pain is still strong.my glands on my right side on my neck and behind my ear are swollen. i have some yellow liquid coming out; i figure it is the start of a scab ???? but not sure.
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