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tender bumps at back of head

I am 44 years old.  About a week ago I started feeling run down and developed a very slight sore throat. More scratchy than painful.A few days ago lumps at the back of my head, between my ears, developed. They are tender and hurt a little when I put pressure on them. My sore throat has not worsened: nor has it gotten better.  I also have a very slight cough.  At the same time I developed an itchy scalp with some dandruff (coincidence maybe).

I suspect my nymph nodes are swollen due to a cold (viral infection).  I just want to be sure as I have never had symptoms like these.    
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It sounds like your suboccipital lymph nodes are swollen. The suboccipital lymph node is located at the junction between the back of the head and neck. It drains the scalp and head. This normally swells if there is a localized infection in the scalp or head. It sounds like you have either a scalp issue and/or upper respiratory respiratory infection (cough, sore throat).  It sounds like you maybe experiencing drainage issues because of the scratchy sore throat issue. Its pretty normal for your lymph nodes to swell there to fight off localized infections - cough, sore throat, etc.

Take some over the counter medication.   But this type of illness is fairly common this time of year and from the description of your illness and your lymph node swelling - this seems quite normal. If you do not get any better, see a doctor.

Hope you feel better!
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Yes, the lymph nodes could be swollen due to cold or even due to dandruff. Please consult a doctor who can examine you. A PCP needs to examine and see whether you have swollen tonsils, redness at the back of the throat, post nasal drip etc. Pharyngitis, tonsillitis or basically an upper respiratory infection can be due to several pathogens. You should consult your doctor for antibiotics. Also an X-ray of the chest will be needed.  Meanwhile you can take an OTC anti-inflammatory and do warm saline gargles 2-3 times a day. Drinking warm lemonade, hot clear soups and herbal tea may soothe the throat considerably. For dandruff there are many shampoos and oils available which you can try and consult a skin specialist. Take care!
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Thanks for the responses.  I'm much better now.
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