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tender testicles

okay so I have been in and out of the doctors for the past 6 months and would appreciate anyones help.

   It started where randomly it would feel like I moved wrong or a slight kick in the testicles, but it went away after a few minutes so I just thought I needed to be more careful.  Then one day it didn't go away, the pain wasn't to bad so I went into my doctor.  Got a blood test, urine test, and ultrasound all came back negative.  after a week of test/ exams I went to the ER for severe pain that wasn't going away and came out of nowhere.  I went through the three tests again and nothing showed up.  I was told it was epidytmitis and was given doxycycline.  After a couple of days the pain went down to where it was before, but I was told that in another week that to would go away.  It just got worse and I went to the urologist the ER referred me to and he but me on ciproflaxcin the pain again went down, but not gone.  Omoxacylin and a sulfa drug soon followed 2 weeks of both.  I am now on no drugs and both the urologist and my primary doctor have not gotten back to me in 3 weeks.

I also have negative pressure in my ears and a rash on my forehead which may or may not be related.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Any suggestions? help....
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Testicular pain can be due to injury, infection (Epididymitis or Orchitis) or inflammation, testicular torsion, excessive bicycle riding, hernia or kidney or ureteric stones.

In cases of hernia, a prominent bulge along with testicular pain is there and in cases of kidney or ureteric stones, pain during micturition may also be there. Pain from epididymitis (an infection of the testicle) and other causes usually sets in gradually. Early on, pain due to epididymitis is often just in the area of the epididymis itself and painful, red or swollen scrotum along with testicular pain is there.

Going by your symptoms,I feel that it is due to epididymitis.It can be confirmed after color Doppler and urethral swab samples.If you did not have any relief after antibiotics,you can go in for cord block.In this an injection consisting of a steroid, pain killers, and a high dose of an anti-inflammatory is injected into the nerve that traces along the epididymis.Pls discuss this option with your doctor.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep us posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.

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Hello kindd,

Thank you for your post.  

I cannot think of an injury that would have caused this, which probably means that there wasn't one.  Also I have been checked twice for torsion both times, nothing showed up so that is not likely.  I have also no bulge so hernia is out.  I had pain while urinating, but after so azo that went away.

So I guess that leaves epididymitis.  Where is the epididymitis area?  My pain is on the bottom fourth of each testicle and tends not to hurt unless severely unless it touches something.  I am finding briefs helpful.  There is no noticeable swelling. The only symptom I have in that area is pain.

I did get swabbed in the ER and was told that it was an std test.  Would they have checked epididymitis as well?  How can I tell if I still have the infection (that is resistant to antibiotics) vs this cord block?  Where can I get more information on the spermatic cord block, my doctor is not completely familiar with it?
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