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thigh pain due to sitting long in fornt of computer for 10-12 hours

It is been now 1 year and i cannot sit after 10 minutes. I am too much in pain and depression due to this pain because doctors in my asian country do not touch or see that area  very often and just write pain medicines or mustle relieving without looking or touching.
this pain is not in bones but it is in outer flesh-inside skin probably in veins which come next to skin becasue when i touch skin i feel lines perhaps vein that are attached to skin are irritated. Pain is mostly in the inner side of thighs like when you ride a bike so the seat which touches the inner side of thigh is in too much pain. but outer sides of the things also have pain and burning and irritating sensation.  This pain started when i was in foreign country sitting long time in library due to not having proper living place and gradually grown over a period of one year. then i rode a old vibrating motorbike too for over 80 km 4-6 times too. I am very active soccer player 40 years of age and physically very fit.65kg weight. please help because this pain is all the time and when i sit i cannot sit after 10-20 minutes. please write some medicines or some correct diagnosis so i can tell the doctor what to check.
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I am so sorry to hear about your pain in your legs, you must be truly miserable.   I don't think, however, that anyone can tell you what medecine you need or even diagnose you based on what you have written.

What you do need is a doctor who is going to fix your problem, not just give you a bandaid which is what the pain pills are.  Maybe you can try a new doctor, (younger might be better)  and if they want to give you pain pills, thank them sincerely and tell them you will be using them until you and the doctor can figure out whats causing the problem and fix it.

If he/she won't examine your legs, ask for a referral to a doctor who would be the kind to fix the problem.

Hope that helps.

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